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Best New Gmail Features for Business

Best New Gmail Features for Business

Snooze and a task bar that is integrated and secure emails provide Gmail an ideal email platform for business.

  • Gmail has launched an integrated interface that allows users the option of switching from Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet and Google Spaces.
  • The “integrated view” gives you the ability to access tools in a simple manner which allow you to more concentrate on each.
  • Gmail has a variety of integrations that can increase team efficiency. Read below for our opinions of the top extensions and plug-ins.
  • This post is written for business owners and professionals who want to know what’s changed with Gmail’s 2022 upgrade and how its capabilities can enhance workflow. Google Workspace is launching an integrated view of Gmail that first came into the market in Feb 2022. It is expected to be the norm in June 2022. This update will make it simpler switching between Google applications. Users are able to opt-in to test the integration however, by April the entire user base will be able to see the new interface as their default experience. If a user isn’t happy with the changes, they are able to change their settings to go to the old Gmail experience however only for the second quarter of 2022.

Google Spaces, Gmail and Chat integration. Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet and Google Spaces integration will make sure that every Google messaging application has its own display. Depending on the way that users organize their accounts and their individual preferences for email, this update can either make them to feel more organized, or create confusion. Whatever the case, it is likely to be the final interface choice, and it’s essential to make the necessary adjustments to the modifications. Related: Why your website should be Google Mobile Friendly »

This rollout is applicable to all Gmail accounts however, business owners must be aware how this will impact employees and them in the future.

Gmail has a variety of options that help small-scale business owners’ working lives more efficient, however most people don’t know that these options exist. We’ll also look at ways to benefit from Gmail’s current features.

What’s changed?

As mentioned above Gmail’s new interface provides distinct screens for each of the messaging tools. The integrated view will provide an easy access to all tools, giving users to get a more unified view of each. The system will also notify users through notification bubbles whenever one tool is receiving received a new message.

How do I get the latest Gmail

If you were not prompted to sign up for the new Gmail option, you can sign for yourself by clicking the gear icon that controls settings at the upper right-hand corner of Gmail. After that, all you have to do is select “Try to test the latest Gmail view” one of the options from the menu dropdown. You’ll then be introduced to the first feature of Gmail which allows you to browse attachments, without having to open email fully. To gain access to this feature, you must select an option that is the standard spacing. Check out our guide on Google for Business. ]

The most innovative new features

The latest Gmail version Gmail is more efficient and allows for greater concentration for users. Here are a few of Gmail’s new and useful features:

  • View integrated: This feature allows users to see every Google messaging application (including Gmail, Google Chat, Google Meet and Google Spaces) on separate screens, giving you an easy access to various tools.
  • Menu navigation: This menu lets you easily switch between screens and view only one app for messaging at one time.
  • Bubbles for notification: This new version of Gmail will send notification bubbles whenever you receive a message therefore you won’t not receive an alert from one of your Google tools for messaging.

What will this mean for the workflow?

The navigation menu lets you to effortlessly switch between different screens, including your chat, your inbox and meetings. With notifications that alert you to any new messages or emails that you and your team members are never missing any important meeting or conversation. This integrated view can allow an organized workflow, and allow you to focus only on one task at the same time, rather than switching between multiple apps for messaging on one screen.

Can I continue to utilize the older interface?

Although you are able to use the older Gmail interface for a period of time, up to the second quarter in 2022, the brand new interface will be the sole option after July 2022. Following the 2nd quarter it will continue to be the normal and requests for adjustments from the previous interface won’t be considered. If you experience issues that affect your work routine that are not compatible with the new interface contact Google’s team and they will assist you in completing an update launch.

Current notable features

Gmail is currently offering a variety of interactive features for businesses that you might not have heard of.

  • Snoozing In the event that you are sent an email that is time-sensitive or you’d like to deal with after the time of day you are able to delay the email by moving your mouse across the right side. This will help you focus on the most important things while clearing all the junk from your inbox.
  • Nudging It is a feature of Gmail instantly resurfaces messages that Google finds to be important in time. For example in the event that a colleague asks you a question about the project, the email will be resurfaced before the deadline if the sender haven’t responded to the question. Google claims that this feature mirrors the tech that is used in smart replies.
  • Bar for Tasks: To the left of your screen Google has an expandable bar that allows you to check the calendar of your computer, Google Keep notes, as well as any other tasks that Google has in its task program. This feature transforms Gmail into a tool that integrates with Google that lets you view your calendar, take quick notes, and schedule important tasks. It is also possible to add applications like Trello as well as Asana to this view by clicking the small plus sign below”Tasks.
  • Secure emails Gmail can support confidential email. This means that you can define an expiration date for emails or cancel the email after a specific period of time. In the event that you’re sending emails that contains sensitive documents or sensitive information you can make the recipient to not access or read the email at a particular date or date or. You can also restrict the forwarding download, copying, or printing of specific messages. A final security measure is the two-factor authentication of messages. You can ask your recipient to prove their identity using two-factor authentication before they can accept the message. This is ideal for businesses dealing with sensitive data.

The best add-ons and plug-ins to Gmail

No matter the changes, Gmail offers a wealth of integrations that can boost the efficiency of teams. Explore the top extensions and plug-ins available to Gmail below.

RingCentral for Gmail

By installing this extension you will be able to connect to this cloud-based system of phone service inside your Gmail account. After you have installed this extension RingCentral calls, contacts and message history are displayed in Gmail messages. It is also possible to view the status of your online RingCentral connections as well as send SMS messages and make calls outbound. If you haven’t got cloud phones yet take a look at our RingCentral review to find out whether this system is the right one for your company.

Trello for Gmail

Its Trello extension to Gmail can help you organize your inbox to achieve maximum efficiency. You can turn your emails into tasks that you can then send straight to boards on Trello or lists of actions. Subject lines in emails are automatically added to cards as descriptions, making viewing simple and makes sure that nothing is lost. Find out more about it about Trello in the Review of Trello should you be considering this application.

Slack is a channel for Gmail

Another fantastic communication tool you can incorporate into Gmail can be Slack. It’s which is a messaging application along with a tool for productivity that companies can utilize to manage employees’ communication. If your business already uses Slack or is seeking an efficient way to manage messages, you should consider using it as a possible alternative to the Slack for Gmail application. It lets you switch between the two platforms at any time as well as makes the process of sending attachments as well as managing chats easier and easy to access. Related: Is Skype or Slack a Better For Your Company? ]


DocuSign is an excellent alternative for businesses processing documents that require signatures. it annotations documents and produces electronic signatures. It can be utilized by lawyers marketing as well as real estate agents freelancers, consultants or any professional in the industry whose business is dependent on documents that are signed and documented. Its DocuSign for Gmail add-on ensures the process of asking for as well as receiving signatures on electronic documents is easy and effortless.


Boomerang is a popular feature for both Gmail or Outlook users can be used to set up emails, save them to later, get the crucial read receipts and set up follow-up reminders for emails that are on the snooze. Since it is able to collect various data on mailboxes and people responding to (or simply ignore) messages it revolutionizes inbox management.

The free plan offers the basic features set however, mobile devices and advanced machine learning requires the purchase of a premium subscription that begin at $4.99 per month.

Created exclusively to be used with Gmail, offers a modern version of what used to be known as a tickler folder that is a file folder into which you can place everything you want to come back in the future. allows you to pull up messages from the past, make notes about contacts and set up nudges for your schedule to stay on top of your work and keep the projects going.

Once you’ve completed the 14-day test period, you’ll have to select an annual subscription plan that starts with $18 for a month. There’s also an option that connects to Salesforce data, and is priced at $45 per month.

Just Don’t Be Sorry

This useful Chrome extension to help Gmail users will eliminate phrases such as “I only wanted to ask” or “sorry about this” within emails. It does this by and flags them that the writer must approve their use and to stay clear of the words. Such phrases do not conform to communications practices. You might be amazed at how often these phrases are inserted into emails and how much better messages are without them.


Evernote is still a popular organization tool with a variety of collaboration tools. With the amount of information that is sent via email, a single click method to save an item in Evernote is a great option to create lists, communicate as well as management of projects..

Evernote is a plug-in available for Outlook and one for Chrome which performs similar functions. When you save an email and save it, you can upload it to your notebook, mark it with a tag and add some notes for yourself.

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