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13 Best Jobs for People Who Love Celebrities

13 Best Jobs for People Who Love Celebrities

To work with celebrities, you don’t need to be a star. These are 13 ways to work with celebrities.

  • Celebrities can find jobs as diverse as those in the culinary industry and as specialized like on-set tutors.
  • Some roles, like studio managers and wardrobe stylists, are reserved for celebrities.
  • People who have worked with celebrities tell us that treating them the same way as anyone else is the key.
  • This article is intended for those who are interested in working with celebrities.– Although celebrity life can be glamorous, it is hard work. Actors can work up to 14 hours a day. To avoid fan confrontations, musicians might have a personal assistant at the supermarket. Although the average person may not have the path to stardom, anyone can work as a personal assistant for a celebrity. Here are 13 jobs that could lead to a celebrity clientele.


It’s not easy to become famous, but it is difficult to stay famous. Stars need a publicist who keeps their clients in the spotlight. Talent is only one thing that will get you far. People behind the scenes – such as publicists – are what keep A-listers’ names in the minds and hearts of fans, media, and consumers.

Kayla Rose, CEO at The PR Rose stated that she is responsible for maintaining the client’s public image. My job is to secure interviews with national and local media, develop publicity and social media campaigns and issue press releases and media alerts . I also provide recaps of client events and happenings.

Rose has been a celebrity hairdresser and has also worked with Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson. She said that must treat celebrity clients like human beings in order to succeed in PR. My job as a publicist is not to obsess over celebrities. My job is to help them with their public image.”

Studio manager

You can work with celebrities that aren’t human, and it can be just as thrilling. Ashley Priselac is the studio manager at Madame Tussauds Orlando. She spends her days creating experiences for fans that bring them closer to music stars, actors, and athletes than they may have imagined.

Priselac and her staff work every day to keep Madame Tussauds’ standards high for wax figures of larger-than life celebrities, such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, and take pride in the joy that they bring to guests each day.

She does touch-ups on each celebrity wax figure’s hair, make-up, and wardrobe. Priselac and her team separated the wax figures when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split. After all, art imitates life.

Priselac spends some time with occasional flesh stars. It’s always a pleasure for the studio team to be able meet celebrities in person to reveal their wax figures. They are so incredibly kind and funny!

Social media coordinator

Facebook and Instagram are some of the best ways celebrities can connect with their fans. This has resulted in a boom for both stars and brands.

Celebrities and influencers frequently post updates, ads, and product advertisements for projects and products that they are working on.

Luis Sanchez is the social media coordinator at Ruggable. He coordinates celebrities and Instagram influencers to manage social media partnerships. He collaborates with celebrities to create social media campaigns that promote his brand’s products. Social media roles require you to be able to identify what social consumers will like and stay true the brand of your celebrity.

Sanchez stated that communication is crucial in working with celebrities and influencers. You must also choose carefully the celebrity or influencer you are going to work with so that their content is trustworthy. You need to allow them to present the product in a way they understand and that is authentic. This will make it more impactful for both of you.

Recently, Sanchez did a segment on social media with Kristin McGee, celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor. McGee’s children woke up from a nap to “take some of the show” and made cameo appearances in the video during filming. Social media coordinator jobs are for people who can accept their talents straying from the script as life happens.

Sanchez stated that the event worked perfectly and demonstrated great engagement. Sanchez said, “That unscripted moment was a genuine connection for everyone who was there.”


Stars love good food. Celebrity chef is a great job if you love cooking or baking and would like to spend quality time with A-listers.

Jayda Atkinson is a chef who creates creative menus that are adapted to dietary restrictions. She also cooks interesting dishes and caters celebrity parties. It isn’t an easy job.

Atkinson stated that “this role comes with a lot pressure as people are just really picky.” “You must have a strong skin and not give in to pressure.”

Although being a chef can be a stressful job, there are many opportunities to have fun with celebrity clients.

Atkinson, who previously catered for NeYo, Diana Ross, and Nicki Minaj, recently joined other celebrities in a game after serving at Faith Evans’ birthday party. Atkinson stated, “They invited us to play Taboo together.” “If you’ve ever played this game before, then you know how hilarious it was.”

Wardrobe styling

Sometimes celebrities’ clothes are scrutinized more than their performances on stage or screen. Celebrities who want to be on the A-list need someone who has the ability to help them dress up for photos with their fans or flashing lights on red carpets.

Sam Russell, a celebrity stylist, has dressed many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, such as Stevie Wonder and Chuck Lorre, as well as Colin Farrell. He advises anyone interested in celebrity styling to be passionate about fashion and not lose their humility.

Russell stated, “Too much ego could kill your talent.” Keep grounded, have fun, and feel confident in all the jewelry and clothing you bring to work.

He warns that not all stars will be perfect clients for you and advises you to decline any request from a difficult actor. If you’re not at the right place, you won’t be able to reach the grateful clients who love you.

Planner for marriage proposal

A-listers often need assistance in deciding the best way to propose to their partner. They can turn to a planner for marriage proposals who will take care of every detail.

Michele Velazquez is the owner of The Heart Bandits and designs custom proposals for celebrities. She stated that it is crucial to “make sure my clients’ propositions go smoothly” and that the vision is properly executed. Celebrities don’t like hearing ‘no’ because they’re used to getting what’s theirs. Instead of saying “no,” always say “I will find a way to make it happen.”

Velazquez is very private about the celebrity clients she has, which is understandable, as confidentiality is an essential requirement in this type of work. Velazquez finds it more enjoyable to play a key role in the memorable moments of clients’ lives. “I love making dreams come true. My clients want their girlfriends to get the marriage proposals they desire. I help them achieve that.

Expert in beauty

Kerry Spindler, celebrity beauty expert, offers skincare advice and hands-on treatments to music and television stars like Daymond John and Snoop Dogg.

Spindler offers services such as microblading and skincare to clients. Her goal is to help them appreciate their beauty. She said, “What I love most is my job is that everyone’s unique and imperfect.”

Celebrities have had many fun times with their celebrity beauty guru. Her most memorable moment was when “Snoop” did a few moves even though music was not playing. His lightheartedness and humor always brightens up any room.

Dog trainer

Celebrities want the best for their pets and everyone in their lives. They call experts when they have to teach their dog new tricks or correct bad habits.

Russell Hartstein, a highly-respected dog trainer, nutritionist, and behaviorist, is highly sought after. Dwyane Wade, Steve Guttenberg, Naomi Campbell are just a few of his clients. A trainer of his calibre requires dogs to learn the basics like how to sit, stay, and how to board and leave private jets and yachts.

Being a celebrity trainer is not only a requirement, but it is essential to love dogs and be able to serve clients immediately. Hartstein can fly around the globe to assist with dog training, behavior, or pet sitting. [Related to Top Dog-Friendly Companies in 2022 ]


Even celebrities are busy and like to take a break and have a laugh from time to time. Dan Nainan, comedian to the stars, has performed for former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Nainan enjoys bringing dignitaries and luminaries to tears with his comedy routines, and it is a joy that he does so.

Nainan believes celebrities should be treated with the respect they deserve. However, it’s important not to put them on pedestals or treat them as gods. They are ordinary people with talent and discipline, just like us.

He is as mobile as an A-lister, and has performed in every U.S. state as well as in 27 other countries. He has voiced the animated series Family Guy as well as appeared in an Apple commercial titled “Get a Mac”.

Makeup artist

Celebrities often have makeup artists as part of their entourage. They ensure stars look their best both on-screen and off.

Tiffany Herrmann, beauty boss, is the go-to glam squad for many TV and film stars such as Alysia Reiner and Mozhan Marno and Amy Paffrath. Herrmann went one step further with Sheree Cosmetics, a cosmetics line.

Herrmann gave this advice to budding makeup artists who wanted to create a celebrity clientele: “Remember that [stars] were people, just as you.” Let them know your story. She said that it takes time to become a top-rated makeup artist and that you need to invest in the process. “I get to know my clients and build relationships – whether it be in person, via messages on social media, email or text message [or] by phone.”

The makeup artist also stressed the importance of being available to clients in times of need. One celebrity couldn’t take off our liquid lipstick and sent me a message via social media. We were able to resolve the issue – the liquid lipstick can be removed with oil. She loved the product, and she still wears it to this very day.

Personal assistant

Imagine this: A celebrity comes by while you’re grocery shopping. Sounds unrealistic, right? It almost never happens. Fans can harass celebrities who run every day errands. You could be their personal assistant.

You might be asked to work with the celebrity’s management team as a personal assistant. This could mean that you may be asked to help the celebrity with their schedules or transport them between appointments. You’ll be a regular in the celebrity’s world.

On-set tutor

Celebrities are not all adults. Minors, even celebrities, must get an education. On-set tutors are here to help.

While requirements vary from one state to the next, assuming that your clients are not yet adults and film in California you will need to provide 15 hours on-set education. Your clients’ rights will be protected by child labor laws. You will be paid for the productions of your clients. To work in this field, you will need to obtain state certification.

Security Detail

Celebrities are rarely seen alone on the red carpet. Their security detail may accompany them from the limousine to the venue. This job requires a lot of experience in security, military, or police work, and can be accompanied by a million-dollar salary. It’s possible to notface any threats. Some celebrities only seek security details for their image purposes. Celebrities don’t have to do difficult and intense work.

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