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6 Reasons Your Company Could Benefit From a Brand Ambassador Program

6 Reasons Your Company Could Benefit From a Brand Ambassador Program

Brand ambassadors are a great way to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and build a community for your business.

  • Brand ambassadors are cheerleaders for your company who can represent your company’s culture to the public.
  • Brand ambassador programs can increase sales, brand awareness, and social media presence.
  • Look for brand ambassadors among your employees. Also, consider the active followers of your brand.
  • This article is intended for business owners who are considering using a brand ambassador program to help with their marketing efforts.– Regular use of social media by people with large followings is an important part of any modern business marketing department. The role of brand ambassadors is to spread word organically about a company and its products. [Related to Small Business Marketing Guide]

Your brand ambassadors are cheerleaders for your business and represent your company culture before the public. Let’s take a look at how a brand ambassador program can help your company, and how you can find brand ambassadors that will be effective.

What is a brand ambassador programme?

A brand ambassador program is a marketing campaign which puts your company’s message into the hands of ambassadors with specific goals, such as increasing sales, building a reputation and building brand awareness.

Brand ambassador programs may be either a temporary partnership that lasts for a specific time or an ongoing relationship that lasts indefinitely. A brand ambassador partnership should include a contract that provides negotiated compensation for ambassadors’ work and effort.

Benefits of a Brand Ambassador Program

Brand ambassadors are able to drive sales and increase awareness. They can also provide benefits that traditional marketing models can’t.

Increase your social media presence

Brand ambassadors can be a great way to tap into social media.

Matt Schmidt, CEO at Burial Insurance Pro said that one of the major benefits of having a brand ambassador programme is to reap the social media benefits and increase your social presence. “Most ambassadors have ‘online’ credibility, and a large following on social media.

Social media is the main medium for brand ambassadors, especially on platforms like Instagram and YouTube that have a large following.

Additional content sources

Brand ambassadors produce content that promotes your company or products. Ambassadors can use your business to drive interest in the industry or feature your product or services in their content, depending on what your ultimate goal is.

The content that your brand ambassador creates with your brand is yours to keep and reuse as you wish. You can, for example, repost the content on your social media pages or business website.

Creative brand ambassadors will create content that highlights your brand in positive and fun ways. This content is durable and can be shared multiple times.

Create a community around you brand

Social media marketing is dominated by superstars who can get your products and services in front thousands, or even millions of eyes. It’s almost like a celebrity endorsement.

The ambassador’s followers count is a measure of the potential exposure to your brand. These numbers will also reflect your ambassador’s price. You don’t need to target the most famous YouTube or Instagram stars.

Consider ambassadors who have smaller audiences and are more likely to engage with them. Ambassadors have the potential to influence their audience and draw attention to your company. This can change how people see your brand.

Even if ambassadors only reach family and friends they are helping to kick-start a word of mouth campaign and hopefully building an enthusiast community.

Schmidt stated that while results may not come overnight, if there is a long-term strategy and vision for implementing the strategy, you should see results within a few months.

Building brand trust and credibility

Brand ambassadors who have a loyal following can immediately bring credibility and trust to your brand.

Lia van Eyk (Vice President of Marketing at Steadily) stated that a well-structured program for brand ambassadors can help increase brand awareness, build brand trust, and credibility, particularly for emerging brands. “Ambassadors are able to quickly increase brand awareness among their targeted audience and lend their voice and authority for the brand.”

Brand ambassadors aren’t paid often, so their opinions on products and services are more trustworthy with potential customers.

Marketing efforts can be cost-effective

Brand ambassadors can be cost-effective and stretch your marketing budget.

Brian Donovan is the CEO of Timeshatter. He stated that a brand ambassador program is a great method to reach a wider audience and not have to spend a lot of money marketing. Brand ambassadors are already familiar with your products and will often work for free products. This will save you money in the long-term.

Gain direct access to targeted customers

A brand ambassador is a powerful marketing tool. It acts as a shortcut for your target audience. The ambassador serves as a reliable spokesperson and credible spokesperson. founder David Skates stated that brand ambassador programs give you direct access to more customers and allow you to connect with the right consumers. “Because brand ambassadors love your brand, it is very likely that their acquaintances will also be enthusiastic.”

What is the difference between brand influencers and ambassadors?

Although people might use the terms interchangeably however, brand ambassadors or influencers are not the same thing. There are some key differences.

  • Following Lynda Le founder of Polish Perfect says that an influencer is someone who has a strong social media presence and a large following. To be a great brand ambassador, you don’t need to have a large following.
  • Compensation: Influencers often have a contract with a brand or company that outlines how much they will pay and what they will do. Brand ambassadors are usually paid free products or no compensation at all.
  • Indicators’ Contracts will state how many posts, stories, and videos they are expected to make. This is usually a short-term commitment that has a fixed end date or expires after the influencer posts all required content. A brand ambassador program, however, is continuous.
  • Experience: Le says that even though an influencer may promote a brand or product, they do not necessarily use it. Influencers do not promote products through word of mouth advertising. Instead, they demonstrate or show the product via their social media accounts. Brand ambassadors are passionate about your products and use word-of-mouth to promote them.

How to find ambassadors for brands

Here are some tips to help you find great brand ambassadors.

  1. You should look for potential followers.
  2. Talk to your employees.
  3. Find micro-influencers in your area.

1. You should look for potential followers.

A great way to find brand ambassadors is by looking at your company’s social media accounts and finding active followers who are passionate about your business. Reach out to them, and let them know that you are interested in being a brand ambassador.

It is important to find ambassadors who will represent your company in the way you want it to be. Consider the audience and content on social media of potential ambassadors to determine if they are a good match.

You should be outgoing, personable, creative and trustworthy. Look for people who are passionate about your business and would love to work with you. It won’t work well to work with someone who isn’t familiar with your company or doesn’t care about your product. This would be similar to a paid advertisement. Their audience will be able to easily sense dishonesty.

It is crucial to have clear agreements in place before you hire brand ambassadors. These agreements will outline how your brand will be presented. You risk being misrepresented and not professionally. Your company shouldn’t be involved in inappropriate social media posts that harm rather than help your cause.

2. Talk to your employees.

Your staff is another great source of brand ambassadors. Your employees can make great brand ambassadors. They can provide accurate information about your company as well as insight into the messages that will be most beneficial to the brand.

Linda Pophal, communication strategist, stated that there is a lot of research supporting the idea that employees can trust each other when it comes sharing information about companies and the products/services they create. The greatest risk for companies is that employees must be loyal, committed and engaged in their company to be able to act as brand ambassadors and share positive messages.

3. Find micro-influencers in your area.

Local brand ambassadors are a valuable part of a local market strategy.

Mario Cacciottolo (PR and brand manager at stated that “these local individuals should have consistent engaging activity on social media platforms.” Even if they have only 1,000 followers, brand ambassadors can still be very impactful, especially if they are from the same town as your brick-and mortar [store]. Strong candidates will display a strong aura and style on social media. So find someone who will fit in with your brand’s personality.

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