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Summer Fridays Gain Traction With Employers

Summer Fridays Gain Traction With Employers

Summer Fridays are a great way to boost your team’s productivity and morale, which will make them more popular with employers. This is everything you need to know.

  • Summer Fridays allow employees to work on Fridays in summer with flexible scheduling.
  • Businesses can benefit from summer Fridays by increasing employee morale, productivity, and productivity.
  • Although Summer Fridays can be a great perk, not all industries can afford it.
  • This article is designed for managers and business owners who are interested in the benefits of Summer Fridays, and how to implement them.– Employers offer non-traditional perks to employees across industries for years to retain and attract workers. One example is that some companies allow employees to work less on Fridays in the summer, or none at all. This practice is known as “Summer Fridays.”

What is Summer Friday?

Summer Fridays allow employees to choose whether they want to leave work early or stay on the job for the entire week. These reduced hours are only available on Fridays, as the name implies.

Employers might offer Summer Fridays as a way to gain a competitive edge in the eyes of job-seekers who are looking for flexibility in their work hours. Even though more people are moving to remote work due to the COVID-19 epidemic, they remain a valuable perk. Staff can have a lighter work week on Fridays in the summer to allow them to relax, take care of their personal needs, and enjoy the outdoors. Workers feel more fulfilled at work, which increases their productivity and boosts morale. Learn how to create great employee benefits plans to keep and attract workers. ]

What are the challenges and benefits of Summer Fridays

As an employer, it should be your goal to keep your employees happy. Employers can offer incentives such as Summer Fridays to lift spirits and improve morale at work. You can help employees maintain a work-life balance and avoid the harmful effects of burnout. This will ensure that they are productive contributors to your company’s success.

Employees who know that they have more time during summer months are more likely be productive during normal work hours. Employees are motivated by rewards. Summer Fridays can be seen as a reward for completing the workweek. Employees are more likely to remain with a company if they receive extra time off for their hard work . This will reduce turnover rates .

Although Summer Fridays may sound great in theory, it can be challenging for companies to implement. A number of factors affect the feasibility and success of a Summer Fridays program, including your industry. Some sectors, such as publishing and advertising, are less productive during summer months than the rest. It makes sense to make a down day a long-weekend perk in such cases.

Businesses don’t have to work slow in the summer. For example, a 20% reduction in workweek time can have serious consequences for the company’s bottom line. When trying to attract top talent, businesses in retail, food service and shipping might want to consider additional perks. Many restaurants can’t afford to be closed for one day per week, or have fewer workers during Friday lunch rush.

How can I make a Summer Fridays program work?

These steps can be taken to make Summer Fridays work for your business.

1. Establish your Friday work hours.

Summer Friday policies may not work for every company. In fact, some policies can vary within an organization. Some team members may get one Friday off, while others work. The employees who were absent must return to work the following week. Meanwhile, those who worked have their day off. Maybe your entire team can go out on Friday afternoons. Take a look at the models used by other companies for their Summer Fridays.

2. If necessary, change your Monday-to Thursday work hours.

You might not be able to afford to take eight hours off work each week, but you really want to give your employees Fridays off. You could offer a compressed work schedule to your employees, such as a 4-day workweek. Your employees would be expected to work 10 hours per day from Monday through Thursday. This amount of work would add up to 40 hours over four days. This means that your team can take Friday off, without losing eight hours of productivity that a fifth-day usually entails.

3. Change the schedule in your payroll software to reflect these changes.

Let’s suppose you are switching to a 40-hour, four-day workweek to bring in summer Fridays. You can’t just announce the change, you must also update your time tracking system and payment procedures. You should make sure your payroll program processes pay for at least 10 hours per week on Monday through Thursday, and no work on Friday. You should ensure that your payroll software has added HR services, such as Gusto ‘s best choice. However, you must also make sure that employees receive the correct amount of pay. Your cash flow is not going to be helped if you accidentally pay for 48 hours per week rather than 40. Find out how to select the right pay schedule for your company. ]

4. Your new policy should be added to your employee handbook.

As with any policy, summer Fridays are best when they are written down. This means describing the rules in your employee manual, notifying employees about the change and asking them to agree to it.

The time period that your Summer Fridays policy applies should be clearly stated. You could, for example, set your policy to be effective from Memorial Day through Labor Day. You should explain how Summer Fridays affect your team’s work hours on other days. In the event that Summer Fridays pose a challenge to your team’s productivity, and your company’s bottom line, be aware that your policy can change.

5. As needed, adjust the policy.

Let’s suppose your team stops working every Friday at 1:30. You may also notice clients complaining that their work is being done too quickly. Perhaps clients are complaining that they’re getting work too quickly. You can prevent these problems from becoming serious by reviewing your policy and the effects. Any policy changes should be communicated to your entire team.

To see how the policy works for you, it is worth asking staff for both formal and informal feedback. Summer Fridays are they serving their purpose? Are they being taken advantage of by employees? Are they still able to meet their responsibilities in an efficient manner? Your program needs to be modified if they don’t feel capable of fulfilling their responsibilities in a quality way.

6. Encourage your team members to be more productive.

Employers can make it easier for employees to take enough time off. Your employees will be more likely to take the time off to embrace your Summer Fridays schedule and take time for themselves. Staffers will not feel lazy or lazy if they make Summer Fridays a priority. Instead, they’ll realize that their employer values their work-life balance. They will be able to appreciate the extra vacation time and feel appreciated by their employer.

What is the appeal of Summer Fridays?

It’s not surprising that Fridays are more popular than Fridays for doing what you love, but research by Digiday has shown that employers are now taking Fridays in the summer seriously. In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, business owners are increasingly aware of the stress that their employees might be experiencing. Business owners can ease that stress by having summer Fridays.

Employers are encouraged to encourage their employees to work part-time or full-time on Summer Fridays. One employer even paid its employees for 40 hours of PTO. This is a marked contrast to the past business environment, where employees were often afraid of taking vacation days. It makes sense that employers offer this perk, as there are many benefits for both staff and business owners.

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