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You Do What?! 7 Businesses You Didn’t Know Were Legal

You Do What! 7 Businesses You Didn't Know Were Legal

  • Many sex and dating jobs may look unusual or unethical, but they are completely legal. Such jobs include sex counseling, business facilitation, and ghostwriters for online dating profiles.
  • Other jobs that may look unusual come from industries that were once illegal or illegal. These jobs include cannabis consulting, penny stock trading, and in some states ownership of brothels.
  • Other seemingly bizarre jobs may look strange just because their industry is somehow new. Cryptocurrency jobs are good examples.
  • This article is for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone else interested in business ideas that may seem strange but are totally true.– When you think of a job, you might think of an office full of highly focused employees. Many people grow up with this picture of work, but it eliminates other jobs that can bring satisfaction and financial stability.

Some unusual jobs in unfamiliar or high-risk industries may seem questionable or unethical at first, but if the people who work there are willing to talk about them, they are likely to be legal. Their work will probably help many people. We will look at seven examples of completely legal industrial fields that you may not have achieved.

1. Lady

Susan Austin has two legitimate prostitutes in Nevada instead of one. Facilities Mustang Ranch and Wild Horse Adult Resort and Spa are closer to larger resorts than so-called “bad homes”. Austin’s services may not be common, but his company’s marketing efforts will be no different than others. “Austin heard professional news every day.” We say we are the biggest to have the floor to potentially new guests here. We are safe and our women are the most welcome and amazing in the world. Nevada restricts the right ads. With the degree of success, he had to work with his obstacle. ,

You can work in the prohibition of advertising and may be interested in making numerous non-sexy related ads.

“We offer a guided tour for this group and people who are interested in an abundant story of America, especially our husband, Lance Gillman, especially our husband,” Lance Gillman. ” We have our own houses together, for our homes, motorcycle cross and off the larodure competition has organized many social and charitable events and we have helped ourselves in our construction near our compounds. I regularly do radio, television and print interviews and bring many guests to my website and home. [Related: 12 Tips for Creating an Effective Business Website]

The company also uses social media to disseminate information. The bottom line, as with any other business, is that your approach to marketing creates a lasting impression of your business.

“It’s all about perception,” Austin said. We provide customers with a fun, engaging and comfortable experience. Everyone goes out, drinks at the bar, orders food, meets women and just enjoys their visit. Welcome. Of course, they are definitely encouraged to spend time privately with us women, and most do. “Sex and ‘experience’ are as inseparable as love.”

2. Sex Counselor

Andrea Adams calls Miller a “sex teacher.”

Did this catch your attention? Yes, that’s right. He teaches people how to have good sex… and, of course, improve relationships. But explain it to someone on the subway. “When society hears ‘The Sexuality Tutor,’ it’s often caught off guard,” Adams-Miller said. “Their first impression is one of discomfort with the obvious terminology and their preconceptions. However, unease quickly turns to intrigue and curiosity with a desire to know more, followed by her personal explanation or recognition of a problem in her own life.

After the shock passes, Adams-Miller continues to explain his plea. “I hear their initial shock as they continue, ‘I help others build healthy relationships and healthy sexuality by revealing the secrets to igniting the spark, the fire and the passion in their lives.'”

Adams-Miller said that while her business may seem like it’s about sex, it’s actually about helping people connect better with each other.

“These lonely or hurt partners needed someone they could trust to talk about their personal and intimate lives without judgment or shame so they could find solutions to get the love and intimacy they wanted. wanted and deserved,” she said. The Adams-Miller plan has various tools. It has a radio screen that is a thirsty user for social media that wrote several books and often appear “sexpert” on the media. It also recommends through face meeting, telephone, e-mail, chat or video conferences.

Although a very general appearance of Adams-Miller, the most valuable marketing tools are the ability to keep special things.

“I am a safe place they need to rule and do not call to give life without judgment without judgment without judgment and does not recognize life,” she said. “I make sure I don’t embarrass them, I’m not ashamed of the terminology someone might use, I’m not surprised at the behavior they want to deal with. Finally, I give them the right to honest feedback, unconditional respect and Highly Confidential, Secure and Audible.”

3. Business Facilitator

Noel Biderman has never been surprised that some people find the existence of the Ashley Madison website he founded somewhat offensive. Biderman’s comments came before Ashley Madison stepped down as CEO in 2015 following a data breach scandal that put the personal information of thousands of users at risk.

Ashley Madison’s original goal was to help married people cheat on their husbands by finding a partner on the site. After the violation of the data, the company is focusing on “open experience” and “temporary exploration”. It tries to get more women for more women underestable on the site.

When he was in the zirari, Bidman tried to change Ashley Madison advertisement during the NFL game, but he did not have permission. He also said that in the case of a specified specified color advertisement program of search engines, an important search engine was restricted from buying “infidelity”.

“I know where my viewers are, but I know that I can not reach them.” Bidman said at that time. “I do not have to advertise for a great or evening news. The company accepted that they can promote alcohol and praise. You can advertise an erectile dysfunction, but society is a moral judgment for marriage. …nasty ”

Investing $ 200,000 to start the company Biderman has someone who wants to work in the environment in an environment where everyone knows all the installation of Ashley Madison. Instead of giving up a website such as or eharmony, the Ashley Madison user will leave the card on the map.

“The reality has people who want to marry for a spouse for their spouses for their children, but the bedroom has a curve.” Bederman said. “These people are looking for intimacy and sexual implementation.”

Bederman pointed out that Ashley Madison did not intend to admit people with the same hearts to find each other. It is also about creating a digital communication platform that is less able to e-mail or Biderman, called “Digital Lipsticks of Color” or less certified proof.

“The lowest line is that we think. Society accepts this. You cannot persuade them to enter into an illegal relationship through TV commercials. In fact, it can prevent people from going to brothels or engaging in work-related activities, which could be even more harmful, according to Biederman.

If you’re surprised, Beiderman is married. He and his wife Amanda have revealed in a previously published interview that they are happily married and single, but emails leaked from Ashley Madison’s hack in 2015 suggest they had an extramarital affair. Maybe he said, “You can become a divorce lawyer while you’re married. You have to understand how and why they’re in a relationship. If I woke up from a sexless marriage, I probably would have been distracted before the divorce.” admit that there are shops, prostitutes. It’s true.”

4. online dating ghostwriter

Jobs can feel a bit tricky instead of illegal, and online dating profile ghostwriters are a prime example. Of course, you don’t want to admit that someone else wrote your dating app profile on your first date (or later). And you really don’t want to admit that someone is impersonating you in a conversation. However, no law prohibits any of these activities.

For example, someone who has difficulty speaking or writing in English can hire an online dating ghostwriter to complete their profile. In other cases, English speakers who have difficulty writing can hire an online dating ghostwriter to brighten their profile. Others on dating apps may hand over the keys to a ghostwriter if they are boring in conversation.

Online dating ghostwriters often find work through popular dating sites or freelance marketplaces. Discretion is usually an important part of their job, as are sharp writing skills.

5. Medical Marijuana Marketer

Although medical marijuana – and cannabis use in general – no longer has the stigma it once had, the industry still struggles with misconceptions.

Elizabeth Robinson Medical Marijuana Communications Company, Grow Room Communications, markets marijuana like any other product. He runs his business with some strict marketing principles in mind.

“It’s a medicine,” said Robinson, a Denver-based company that has been producing medical marijuana legally for more than 20 years. “And the industry has to behave like the pharmaceutical industry in the way it presents itself.”

There are many historical misconceptions about the medical marijuana industry – most of the time it’s just an excuse for recreational marijuana use – but these perceptions are rapidly diminishing. Robinson and many others like her have helped businesses such as medical marijuana dispensaries, technology providers, schools, social media, web designers and producers improve their public image.

Robinson’s goal is to help these companies deliver a consistent and relevant message that marijuana is legal in many places.

“If the wrong people show up on the national stage to get this message across, they will foster negative perceptions,” she said. “There are many professional traders who turn it on.” [Related: Canbis development capacity for 2022]

Robinson’s services beyond marketing and public relations. His company also leads marijuana medical companies through the process of traditional business development and helps them march themselves, finding the best tools and works with the best business partners.

Robinson said, “We have to stop this section with the same level as we want in any other business.”

6. Penny Stock Traders

Peter Leeds said that the Penny Stock Trade is a profitable business, while there is a negative and depth struggle around the industry, “Penny Stock” said. According to Leeds, “Pump and Landfill, Promotional Share, His Widows Cheats Your Money, Mafia, Email and Email of Spam and Scandals” are only some of these concepts. Leeds “Penny Share is shares at the lowest price of the stock market. Please spend a lot of time to launch the best. This is the light. How are you to put lipsticks in a pig, a lot of mineral brings.”

Most Penics Share actually pulled the advertising company around Rumor, a free website, e-mail spam and said he said. Unlike this company, Leeds Penny Stock Combined Company is legally making money. “And my team support supports very high ethics,” he said. “Not only in our sector, but also of strong bases, proven management teams, high-quality cent numbers with income rise. There is no tangent or compensation for the company that we investigated and focused on investors who invest and collected them.”

Leeds focuses on a 5% study of his large investment company company and makes his service very affordable for his customers.

“Millions of people invest in penny stock,” he said. “Talk about this. As a result, even fewer people make money. Still, trading penny stocks can be very profitable if done correctly. †

7. Cryptomeme Artist

Maybe 10 years ago, I didn’t think Bitcoin was widely known. Its success is partly due to the online crypto community, fond of memes. As a result, other cryptocurrencies (not all of them are active, but there are over 16,000) can hire crypto meme artists. Yes, meme artists.

A recent job opening at Gitcoin’s open-source crypto platform is a good example of this. The offer was for a candidate who is “in a good mood and currently spending a lot of time on Twitter and Discord”. In other words, this candidate is someone who knows about a cryptocurrency meme.

Seriously, Gitcoin was looking for someone with online community management experience and an interest in open source projects. The point is that even seemingly ridiculous jobs require specific skills and a strong resume. But the Gitcoin Labor Final Directive says as much about the list as it does about the requirements. “Tell us about your experiences running another Discord community,” he concluded, “and sending 10/10 memes.”


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