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A Comprehensive Guide to Security Equipment for Small Business

A Comprehensive Guide to Security Equipment for Small Business

If you’re worried about your business being secure you should consider installing cameras, keyless locks , and other security equipment that can protect your premises.

  • You must properly secure your business to prevent the theft of data and property. Small business security systems can also reduce the damage from water leaks or fires.
  • Cameras for security can run hundreds and security systems that are comprehensive could cost thousands of dollars. Together, they identify potential criminals and prove an attempted breach.
  • Keyless locks can cost as little as just a few hundred dollars, and allow you to restrict access to your facility. Lighting systems can cost less than $100 per fixture , and they can provide well-lit areas that discourage burglaries.
  • The following article was written intended for small-scale businesses looking to secure their premises.– There’s plenty of discussion about the need for small-sized businesses to have an effective cybersecurity program however that’s only the first element of your business’s security system. It is essential to set up a solid physical security system to secure your office, your staff as well as your precious assets including your data as well as intellectual property. A good physical security system can help improve your security. A good physical security starts with the proper equipment. This article will provide the security tools that each small-sized business needs to consider installing.

The reason you should ensure the security of your company

Secure your business properly to prevent any unauthorized access, thus reducing the chance of expensive data or physical theft. This could result in claims from customers whose data was obtained without their permission. It’s crucial to note that even if your company wasn’t responsible for stealing the information, you’re responsible for the loss. With small business security devices it is possible to feel more relaxed in the face of this worry.

Certain small-scale security equipment can detect physically dangerous events, such as fires or water intrusion and notify you. In this way, you’ll be able to handle these emergencies before they cause major damage.

four essential types of small-business security equipment

For a secure business it is necessary to have four major kinds of devices: security cameras security systems keysless lock systems, and lighting systems.

Security cameras

There’s a wide range of security camera choices out on the market (see our top choices for security cameras) So how do you pick the right camera for your company? It starts by understanding the purpose of your security system. Here are some great questions to start:

  • Are you seeking the most effective method to track the behavior of employees or to prevent theft by customers or employees? Do you want to monitor the amount of foot traffic entering your office? (For the most effective combination of workplace monitoring and employee security, check out our review of Teramind.)
  • Do you require outside or hall surveillance?
  • Are you planning to utilize the cameras all day or only during times when the company is closed?
  • Are you in need of an infrared camera to capture images in dim?
  • How long do you intend to keep the video footage? And what type of storage system do you require?

Due to advancements in technology and connectivity to the internet the internet has made security cameras that can meet virtually any budget or ability to install. It is possible to go as small as hidden cameras that is watched in real time by the employee’s laptop or computer, or as large as a pan-tilt zoom camera that detects moving objects and record them in high-definition.

The cost of security camera

If sticking to a tight budget is crucial for your company the private security cameras that cost just a few hundred dollars will suffice. Security cameras for business however can cost the hundreds for each camera, and may require multiple cameras to be fully functional.

Security cameras with the best ratings

There are a few great solutions for business security cameras:

  • The Pro3 Spotlight camera from Arlo includes the ability to detect motion, spotlights integrated and alerts for security threats that are instantaneous.
  • The Swann 12-Camera Safety System includes 16 cameras and 12 recording channels that record precise video footage about 100 feet.
  • The Google Nest Cam is made for indoor use and recording in 1080p resolution and offers up 20 feet night-vision.

Security systems

It is possible to manage a basic security camera system on your own however, you might consider the possibility of installing a more advanced security system with an outside firm. Security systems have multiple camera setups along with other alternatives like door alarms motion sensors, and intrusion detection. Security systems are generally connected to Wi-Fi, and requires the highest-quality, high-speed internet connection. Since you’re being contracted by an outside firm and you are working with a different person, they will be responsible for the installation. You may also ask the company to oversee the system.

Based on the company you choose to work with, you will be able to select the security system you want to keep track of. Intrusion detectors are either active (alerting an individual about the intrusion , and then logging the details) as well as actively (sending the alert however, also changing the surrounding to prevent the threat, for example activating an alarm). Alarm monitors may be able to cover only the entryways, or even include windows and doors that are inside. The main thing to remember about alarm systems for security is they are able to be designed to meet your budget and requirements. Door alarms, intrusion detectors and motion sensors can be utilized in conjunction with a complete security system, or as stand-alone items in security devices.

Security systems cost money

Installing a security system in a business usually requires a one-time investment that is in the range of a few thousand dollars. If you incorporate professional monitoring and you’re paying less than $100 per month for fees in addition.

Security systems with the highest level

There are a few businesses that offer renowned security solutions for businesses:

  • SimpliSafe offers low rates for monitoring and devices like panic buttons and motion sensors, entry sensors keys fobs, and panic buttons.
  • ADT will send you mobile alerts when anyone activates or deactivates the security device.
  • Frontpoint will inform law enforcement agencies if someone takes away the security system’s control panel.

Keyless locking systems

Smaller businesses are increasingly using keyless locking systems to protect their offices. There are three kinds of keyless locks including electronic, mechanical and biometric.

  • Mechanical You just need to press the number on the keyboard and you’re good to go. This kind of keyless system is weatherproof and has industrial durability, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor doors.
  • Electronic The keypad requires some kind of electrical current, whether wired into the building’s electric system, or through an integrated battery. This kind of keypad is usually lit, which makes it perfect for areas where there is a lot of nighttime activities. It’s also great for keys in dark, dimly lit locations.
  • Biometric The biometric keys are sometimes referred to as fingerprint keyless locks since the touchpad reads fingerprints to permit access. They are ideal for offices that require the highest level of security and restricts who can be allowed to enter. Additionally, you can make use of Biometric attendance and time systems to enhance your security systems for your business.

There are other alternatives that function as multifactor authentication. For example, the keypad is utilized along with a biometric badge scan.

Price of keyless locking systems

A typical keyless lock installation can cost $300.

Top lock systems for keyless entry

They are among the most reliable access control companies that provide keys-free locks

  • Kisi gives access to Kisi via card, smartphone keyfob, card reader and many more.
  • Brivo makes use of technology to create smart locks, which can replace traditional locks that are keyed.
  • Openpath lets you use hands-free locks without keys.

Lighting systems

A good lighting system is essential for security in offices because a well-lit space frequently deter crimes. However, keeping lighting on continuously all time is costly and inefficient. Instead, lights that are motion-activated that automatically turn on at predetermined times will offer lighting only when required and for a set duration when the motion ceases. They can also be connected with security cameras, and operate in both outdoor and indoor environments.

The security equipment you have installed is just one part of the total security needs. Security experts recommend conducting periodic audits to make sure that your security setup is in place and to determine what weaknesses you might have.

Lighting systems cost a lot

Each fixture of your lighting system is likely to cost you between $20 and $80.

The best options in lighting system

These floodlights with motion sensors are a great fit for your company:

  • The LED Security light Leonlite offers 180 degrees of motion-detection from up 70 feet .
  • The Maxsa solar Motion Activated Dual-Head Light is simple to set up since, as an energy-powered solar light it doesn’t require electrical wiring.
  • The Baxia Technology Solar Lights Outdoor is a bright and extremely powerful light source of 2,000 lumens. That is the minimum amount required to fill a living space.

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