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Customer Service Lessons From Luxury Brands

Customer Service Lessons From Luxury Brands

Luxury brands are renowned for their excellent service. Learn from the best brands.

  • The customers of luxury brands are a segment that is looking for only the best, which is why they’ve perfected the customer care in their models of business.
  • Every company can use techniques for providing luxury services like personalizing communication and regularly collecting feedback from customers as well as tracking key metrics and including executive attention.
  • If you’re unable to manage customer service internally there are ways to outsource the task while offering top-quality customer service.
  • This guide is designed for small-scale business owners who want to offer the highest quality client service.– Luxury brands have been admired for their products quality as well as the way they interact with their customers. They are a part of a population who expects only the very best. These brands are constantly striving to set the bar higher.

Luxury-level customer service doesn’t have to include items which cost the equivalent of thousands. You can incorporate these top-quality customer service techniques within your small-scale company.

Crown & Caliber – a company that sells watches from brands such as Rolex, Breitling and Cartier believes that the market for luxury watches is about trust and security.

“When dealing with expensive items, it is important to portray trust and professionalism,” stated the CEO Hamilton Powell. “Excellent customer service is the best way to put a customer at ease. Successful customer service representatives will portray empathy and will make the owner feel comfortable placing their beloved [luxury item] in safe hands.”

We talked to a variety of small-scale business owners to discover how they can incorporate luxurious customer service into their business. Here are seven key guidelines to follow.

1. Get regular feedback from your customers.

Your impression of your customer service isn’t what matters, Powell said. What’s important is what customers consider you doing. For example, Crown & Caliber performs quarterly net promoter score surveys with its clients to determine how its team is performing and what it could do to improve.

“Ask, ask, and ask,” said Thalia Toha Brand and Business Strategist. “Ask better questions, and don’t let [complaints] fall flat with no visible improvements afterward. The extra mile is not crowded for a reason.”

2. Track customer service metrics.

You cannot improve the things you’re not monitoring. Powell pointed out that his customer service team at his company is able to provide precise metrics daily to them like the proportion of customers who are returning and the length of time they spend calling.

There are other important customer service metrics to monitor:

  • Customer satisfaction In contrast to other customers’ satisfaction metrics, this one is an equation. To determine it, divide the percentage of customers who were satisfied with questionnaires by the number customers who took part.
  • Net Promoter Score: The calculation of this measure using a simple survey which will reveal how your customers are feeling about your company’s image. If your scores are lower is, the more work you will need to do to convert less loyal customers into ones.
  • Customer churn To determine the amount of customer churn, determine the reason why your customers no longer use your service. Then, look at data related to these issues each month. The objective is to determine the best way to move the data in a way which will allow you to keep customers.

3. Make yourself available to your customers.

Customers want to know that their voice is heard and their worries are also yours. Utilizing social media to provide assistance with customer complaints is a great strategy. Social media, specifically Twitter is a fantastic method to instantly listen and help customers who might have issues, Powell said.

However, the ability to quickly respond to reviews on the internet tweets, comments and reviews isn’t all you need to do. You should be available for customers. Powell highlighted the importance of answering phone calls from customers who wish to speak directly to an agent from the service department.

“It is difficult to build a strong rapport with a customer when the only form of communication is [digital],” the executive said. “Speaking with customers on the phone does take a bit more time than just emailing them, but it shows them they are worth the customer service representative’s time.”

Jared Weitz, founder and the CEO of United Capital Source, said that companies should not rely too heavily on feedback robots and artificial intelligence in order to deliver a an experience for customers. “Remember that you are serving people. AI, service bots, and automated content are great resources, but they should not be the only resource for providing service.”

4. Utilize live chat in the correct method.

While AI chat isn’t a good choice for your customer service goal, live chat is an alternative. In fact 41 percent of customers prefer live chat in comparison to other channels for customer service. There are a number of best practices for live chat to integrate the live chat feature into customer support choices.

First, keep in mind the term “live.” Someone should be in front of your chat program, ready to take on any inquiries. Live chat software must also keep a detailed list of what your staff and customers have to say during every chat. It is also recommended to include a questionnaire at the end of every interaction to find out how your customers think about the live chat they have received from you.

Examine the conversations of your agents and review the information you collect from surveys. If you notice issues with responses or your staff members not communicating clearly using live chat, educate your staff to improve. If you can improve the live chat experience and improve your live chat experience, you’ll make a significant segment of your customers be more content.

5. Create customized experiences.

A lot of the consumption we experience nowadays is about the entire experience, not just about the item or service. Customers want to feel appreciated and valued , no matter if they’re shopping for the latest Porsche or a brand new colour of paint for their home.

Jason Taylor, co-founder of Prestige Transportation, said that Prestige Transportation is driven to go that extra mile when it comes to personalizing and adding value to the customer experience. “For many of our regular clients, we keep notes in their account and bring them their favorite Starbucks drink when taking them to the airport in the morning.”

Another method to customize your service is to begin customers’ loyalty program. The loyalty programs comprise mailings to customers via direct mailers as well as rewards programs, cards-linked offers, and other incentives. You can also make sure that real people are speaking to your customers in important interactions and provide recommendations according to their previous purchases.

6. Playing field level.

The Ritz-Carlton’s slogan has been “we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” This idea is connected to the concept of giving your employees the ability to provide exceptional customer experiences. If you treat your employees the same level of respect as to your clients, then they will feel appreciated and are driven to provide an experience that is positive.

Additionally, as an owner of a business or CEO You should make it an effort to communicate directly with customers and employees.

“Even as CEO, I get on the phone with customers myself,” said Bob Seidel, private jet pilot and the CEO at Alerion Aviation. “No request is too small for me to listen to, which makes the client feel important.”

Powell reminds entrepreneurs that the client should always be first regardless of the size of your business or industry, or the market you intend to target..

“It is important to build a relationship with the customer so they feel like they are more than just a transaction,” said the expert. “Smaller companies should make this the foundation of their company. Build your company on the idea that it is built to fill customers’ needs, and their needs should be the priority. No company is too big or too small to provide customers with excellent service.”

7. You can outsource customer service to a call center when you aren’t able to do it by yourself.

Sometimes, providing a premium level of customer service requires knowing that you won’t be able to do it within your company. Perhaps your expertise and experience are primarily focused on your product and not to the art of communicating with your customers. Maybe you’re unable to construct the infrastructure or finance the cost of establishing an internal customer service team.

If that’s the scenario, choose a customer service call center for your company. There’s no reason to be left out around: 1 in 4 customer service lines is outsourced.

A variety of factors can play into whether a specific call center solution is suitable for your requirements. For instance, a domestic call center might offer better services than one that is international, as well as superior technology and personnel who could be more suited to working with your clients.

Other things to consider are the possibility that your employees are committed to your business or spread out across multiple clients. It is also important to look at the policy of the service regarding outages as well as the minimum monthly volume of calls as well as availability and reporting. The importance of reporting is especially important: The top call center services offer real-time data as well as record calls. They also give the most complete transparency.

Some of these call services like Go Answer, excel at taking calls from inbound (read the Go Answer review to find out more). Other call centers are better in outbound call handling, particularly with lead generation strategies which not all businesses will require. (Read the Review of Five Star Call Centers to see an example of this kind of call centre.)

Whatever your customer support requirements, you will contact a call center for assist you.

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