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10 Tech Trends That Will Influence Your Marketing

10 Tech Trends That Will Influence Your Marketing

2022 will be a year of continuous change in digital marketing. Here are 10 trends you can invest in.

  • Digital marketing has become an important part of the small business world and technology trends are shaping the strategies that are most effective in reaching your target audience.
  • Providing more credible content, delivering chatbot services, optimizing for voice search, maximizing the use of social media marketing, and creating an engaging user experience are some of the key future trends in 2022.
  • You need to carefully determine which trends will bring you the most profit and which ones to avoid based on your business.
  • This article is for a small business owner and a digital marketing representative you want to know in 2022 on marketing efforts.– Many marketing principles will be retained every year, but the tools used to achieve the marketing success are largely different over time. Newspapers were once normal. Now digital displays and artificial intelligence play an important role in commercial marketing strategies.

There are more technical trends that assign your eyes every year. Business owners who are ahead of their time can reach new heights of marketing success. Here are 10 trends we think small businesses should capitalize on in 2022:

  1. Long actual content
  2. Chatbots and Conversational Artificial Intelligence
  3. Voice search
  4. data analysis
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. A new field of e-commerce
  7. User Experience
  8. metaverse
  9. A future without cookies
  10. Search engine optimization and keywords

Let’s dive into these trends and how they can help your business.

1. Long correct content

Real content is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses that need money. However, it can also be in a long format. 2021 has been the year of a 3-5 minute rolling for TikTok and Instagram, but in 2022, 1,000-7,500 word articles will become the norm and the pendulum will swing in the other direction.

This applies to video and audio content as well as blog posts and articles. Sharing topics that interest your customers is a great way to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. You build trust by showing that you care about more than just selling.

Whether your content is in the form of social media posts, blogs, or emails, strike a balance between promoting your product and providing valuable, actionable advice.

2. Chatbots and conversation ai

According to the Interactive Marketing Report, Draw Fast Platform Drives you into turnover, you can buy chat with around 42% consumers. But the most surveyed owners of small businesses said they did not use this technique. You can answer the primary questions from Chatbots and a more advanced interactive AI customer, even if you can concentrate on other functions.

“AI operated chatbots can be used for customer support and you can turn off your contact strategy due to controlled messages.” Joy panic, vice-president marketing in lumen technology, said. “These chatbots do not know many customers, but they offer further advantages to collect, analyze and improve customer experience”.

3. Voice search.

If you use mobile devices and voice services such as Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant, language search is an area where EMS is emerging under your competitors. If your company is online, there are opportunities to find websites or mortar data of content for language search for language search for 2022 years.

“A few years ago we had to adapt to increase mobile phone use,” said Chris Horbak, the owner of the blog’s hand, said. “According to Google, mobile research is more than 50% [search]. Marketing staff must start adapting to audio search that make 20% of the current mobile search.

A simple technique that can be applied in 2022 is to give answers to questions that customers often often have their customers on their website. “Don’t forget to talk to your answer”

4. Data analysis

Most brands prioritize the data analysis, but marketing staff has a way to do.

“Marketing staff must learn how to get more information than collect information.” “Clients constantly serve their personal data to their favorite products from buying actions to their favorite products. Using this data sharing, customers are looking for certain returns, regardless of whether custom promotional format or business / business format. ”

Tingle observations are important: marketing staff should do more than data collection. Data should be remarkable and companies should use such information to improve the marketing campaign. [Relative: Forecast or Supervisory Analysis Theory? Your company needs both

Orlect About 2022 information forecast process trends. A set of invalid, scalable and flexible data. Edge calculations for faster analysis. A hybrid calculation connected from outside premium locations and local cloud solutions. I will see the growth type of car learning type, including advanced analysis. Decision-making decisions, business management and display data for intuition and automation.

5. Social media marketing

Social media continues to be an integral part of successful business digital marketing efforts. Expect videos, Instagram, livestreams and podcasts to dominate the list in 2022. Facebook doesn’t go anywhere-it has power. LinkedIn is becoming more and more influential, especially as influencers use it to amplify their voice. Speaking of influencers, 2022 will be the year of the pros with few but ardent followers. The niche is important and is led by those who dominate the empty sea with little or no competition.

6. New areas of e-commerce

E-commerce trends revolve around Web3, and companies are using DeFi trends to take their profiles to new heights. “DeFi” stands for decentralized finance, which stands for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible token (NFT). This is a whole new world of commercial commerce on the blockchain, with new marketing opportunities. Technologies such as peer-to-peer shared ledgers make it faster, cheaper and safer to do business. Blockchain offers smart contracts that verify, guarantee and enforce transactions. Of course, there are also cryptocurrencies or digital coins that replace physical currencies to attract other types of consumers. [Related: Should Small Businesses Accept Crypto?]

For example, New York-based Magnum Real Estate Group recently registered three retail apartments in Manhattan’s Upper East Side for Bitcoin. At the same time, blockchain technology gives agents a real opportunity to network and share their expertise, yielding financial rewards. Brands are also using NFTs, a unique digital asset, as a new way to market their products.

7. User Experience

Modern customers expect an attractive, user-friendly and fluid online experience, be it in an online shop or when surfing a website. In 2022, expect greater push toward integrated and highly engaging UX, with a focus on interactive, experiential, convenient, and personal experiences.

“We know that users love engaging content that speaks directly to them,” said Aylon Steinhart, Founder and CEO of Eclipse Foods. “We’re working to create a marketing strategy that engages users based on page experience. But creating great content that engages users isn’t the ultimate UX. It’s about speed, visual stability, mobile-friendliness, and security. Implement these tactics in your content marketing strategy will improve visibility and engagement.”

8. Metaverse

Metaverse is today’s futuristic hybrid of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), culminating in a new immersive 3D experience that allows users to digitally blur physics.

An example is interactive advertising like NASCAR on the Roblox interactive gaming platform. Users can create their own avatars that allow them to “feel” experiences without buying them. This has led to the latest end of the marketing industry, “game advertising”, where marketers and brands use games to advertise their products. According to tech agency Wunderman Thompson, this trend of game ads is dominating the film and music industry.

At the frontiers of retail, brands are also using technologies like augmented reality to create mixed shopping experiences where shoppers can, through their avatars, “try on” clothes, “sit” on chairs, “live” in certain geographical areas, etc. .

9. A future without cookies

The past few years have been filled with complaints about the privacy of data collection. To address this situation, Google is leading the advertising technology industry with a cookie-free future scheduled to be launched in 2023. At the end of 2022, Google will launch a new technology that announces the phasing out of checksum cookies. Cookies originate from information provided by the customer, such as personal emails, but cookie alternatives require high quality proprietary data in order to be successful.

How will this affect companies, advertisers or marketers? Attentive organizations want to keep an eye out for the near future when cookies will replace cookies due to customer privacy concerns and heightened regulations such as the GDPR.

10. SEO and Keywords

SEO strategies and keywords continue to dominate. The Google Page Experience algorithm will be launched in March 2022. SEO tools evaluate load speed, interaction, visual stability, and HTTPS security, among other things.

Google has also turned its attention to mobile devices and recently introduced mobile-first indexing (MFI) to rank mobile-friendly websites. If a marketing representative is not a website, this means concentrating on the UX of the portable device. In the meantime, the multi-task integrated new Google Multinass (MUM) model is reduced, so it offers a complicated answer to a simple question. MOM official table of contents compensation.

Importance of basic marketing principles

These trends are expected to affect other than 2022, but this must be immediately removed and other advanced technologies use to market companies effectively.

“The basic principles of the way you bring and build a trademark on the market, did not change, even though everyone has said in the last 10 years or 15 years.” Metaphorce. “What technology has usually done is amplify what has always been true.”

Adamson explained that while great new marketing tools are released every year, word of mouth marketing is still important. Decades ago, consumers likely asked their friends where they could find the best burgers in town. Now, Adamson says, people “ask all of their friends” by doing a quick Internet search and reading reviews on local burger restaurants.

Changes in technology have not changed the basic concepts of marketing, but new technologies amplify all successes and failures. In the old days, when you served a poor burger to a customer, the disgruntled customer could tell a friend not to eat there. Now, one outrageous Yelp review could stop hundreds of potential customers.

Understanding new technology tools can be great for your business, but adding new tools is useless if you don’t understand how technology can help you. Adamson, who served as North American chairman of Landor Associates and advised companies like Marriott and HBO, said many companies are too busy using the latest and greatest marketing tools.

“It’s like watching an eight-year-old play football, it’s just a ball and nobody’s defending,” he said. “Everyone is chasing something shiny new. Whatever technology you buy, if you don’t know how to put it to good use, you won’t have a competitive advantage in the market. ”

It may not be necessary to act in line with some of the trends discussed in this article. On the other hand, adding a chatbot to your current mix of marketing strategies or using more engaging content can take your business to new levels of customer engagement and financial success.

How to decide which new marketing techniques to implement?

Deciding which technologies to implement in your business depends on the needs of your business and the needs of your customers. You may not want to adopt new marketing trends, especially if you do so because you don’t understand the technology and can’t put it to good use, but because other companies are using it.

Ryan Gould, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Services at Elevation Marketing, said, “We are moving fast in a world dominated by technology, but small businesses need to prioritize which technology trends can be used to grow theirs. larger activities “. † “How do they do it? They have to ask the following four questions:

  1. Who is my republic?
  2. What are my work gaps and where are they?
  3. Does this technique help fill gaps in my work?
  4. Do I have the resources to make this technology last longer? ,

Using the Gold Question as a check can ensure that you are not going down a marketing path without a goal that is not entirely right for your business. Be aware of the marketing trends for 2022, but before you act, take a closer look at your niche.

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