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11 Best Slack Apps for Business

11 Best Slack Apps for Business

These 11 Slack apps are essential for every business owner.

  • Slack is an instant messaging platform that works with other productivity software.
  • There are hundreds of integration programs a company can use with Slack.
  • Slack can make your team more productive and participatory.
  • This article is intended for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to use Slack as a communication tool, or for current Slack users who want to optimize their productivity through applications.

What is Slack?– Slack is becoming one of the most used business communication tools, and for good reason. So what is it exactly? Slack is an instant messaging platform that integrates with other productivity software and business solutions so all of your staff can make calls, share documents, coordinate projects and, of course, send instant messages, all from a single application.

Often referred to as the “messaging app on steroids,” the platform makes it easy for business teams of all sizes to collaborate. Users can set up private or group chat rooms, share files with drag-and-drop, search for messages, and access the system from their desktop or mobile device.

Plus, there are hundreds of integration apps that allow teams to do just about anything — including tracking customer feedback, approving vacation time, and submitting project status reports. If you’re looking to make your team more collaborative and productive, there’s probably a Slack app for that.

How do Slack integrations work?

Adding an app to Slack is as easy as installing a plugin app in your favorite web browser. There is a special software menu for finding and installing and installing moments in slack.

We know that you do not have time to order hundreds of options, so we choose 11 best weak applications that we have to try, whether you are going to the individual world or your team follows the next level.


Creating a joint project can be difficult and their management can be completely challenging for the management and also Mary Condo Manager. Extension helps Meistortask teams to organize everything by creating a simple and automated efficiency. By using the Kanban Project Board, the program can share details with members, can upload the file, can set designated dates and add select items in real time. MeisterTask starts at $8.25 per user per month.


Creators do their best when you have real-time feedback at your fingertips. InVision provides this functionality directly from Slack. Link design prototypes to channels to show changes to team members and share individual screens for immediate adjustments. You can also save, view and review multiple project files at the same time. Invision starts at $ 99, the team monthly up to five members.


To change the application application, contact the group call or disable the message. DialPad + Slack allows users to contact the call for calls, voice messages, and missing text messages. Managers can also select different partitions to route specific notifications to recurrence. DialPad + Slack Applications requires a dialpad pro or enterprise account. In addition, every 30 months a month start at $ 30.


Knowing what your customers really think about your product or service allows you to make informed decisions about the direction of your business. Survicate for Slack makes feedback available immediately by allowing users to monitor the survey responses they receive in real time. Customer feedback can also be shared company-wide within the Slack team or through some Slack channels. In addition, users can deliver surveys via email or direct messages, or embed surveys on company websites and mobile apps. Survicate starts at $ 159 a month.

Concur Travel

Whether this is a customer session or team workshop, employees should arrange travel arrangements from time to time. Competitive journals simplify the search process by leaving users to organize and book trips directly in the game. Team members can also collaborate on travel plans and search their flights in their calm conversations that discuss programs. Future pathways are available for poor review and are automatically entered into transparent treatment costs. Concur JourneFles is free for SAP Concur stockholders for travel account.

Zoom meeting

The way we hold business meetings has changed dramatically and video conferencing services like Zoom allow us to stay connected. The Zoom app for Slack allows you to start quick meetings and share meeting details without leaving the chat. Zoom for Slack makes it easy to provide a meeting room with crystal clear HD audio and video for everyone in attendance to colleagues or the entire Slack channel. Review Zoom and you will understand why this video conferencing platform is called the best service.


Trello helps teams coordinate tasks, and with Slack integration, Trello makes it easy to complete projects on time and to specification. The tree for this game enables a project manager to enter a project card in a conversation, so the team allows to change paper changes or evaluate the concepts and revision of an excretion group. This Slack app also automatically updates status and delivery date with regular memories and notifications before the resource deadline.

Google drive

Since companies are converted to the cloud for enterprise software, services such as Google Drive foreign communities have been carried out. And for teams working with the game, add-on from Google Drive offers a great way to quickly manage documents and view additional programs. With Google Drive for sports, the entire team can search, search, search or change Google documents, sheets or slides – everything from slip.

Vacation Tracker

Managing employee vacation days has never been easier with the Vacation Tracker app. The app allows team members to request vacation or sick leave days within Slack. Admins can also approve or deny requests within the app and view an overview of all upcoming team vacations. Administrators can set local and global holidays for each team so employees know when their offices are closed. Vacation Tracker starts at $ 25 for up to 25 users.


Sometimes it takes more time than an image to get a message across. The Giphy app allows you to express yourself creatively without words. Team members can browse a curated library of GIFs and share them instantly on your Slack channel or direct message. Workplace administrators can set a maximum GIF rating. B.G is aimed at the general public, so non-professional GIFs are not accidentally shared. Giphy for Slack is free for all users.


With Spotify for Slack, you can easily manage your music selections, find music and share it with your colleagues. You can also view song, album, and podcast information. Spotify is free on Slack, but you need a Spotify premium subscription starting at $ 9.99 per month to access all the features.

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