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Caught on Video: Employees Behaving (Very) Badly

Caught on Video Employees Behaving (Very) Badly

The actions of employees can reflect badly on your company’s image. Take a look at these five mishaps of employees and discover how to manage the negative media attention.

  • Your employees represent your company. If they behave badly this reflects negatively on you.
  • A video could go viral within hours, and can cause significant damage to your brand’s image.
  • When dealing with negative media, be quick to implement corrective measures and to control the story before it turns into an issue.
  • The article was written written for business leaders who are interested in understanding how to manage videos that are negative and viral – as well as anyone who enjoys learning about the mishaps of their company.– With the increasing popularity of videos, it has rapidly gained its place in numerous marketing strategies around the globe. Wyzowl discovered the following: the majority of companies employ videos as a tool for marketing while 92% marketers see video as a crucial element to their marketing plan for 2022. While strategic video content may create positive effects on your company but the opposite is stated when a video that is posted online presents your brand in a negative way.

An online video could help build the reputation of a brand in a matter of hours and then take it down quicker. The same technology that can generate free publicity of a lifetime could easily turn into an entanglement of two sides and a lot of businesses in recent times have experienced the disadvantages of online videos.

Videos on viral media that go wrong

There are many reasons that your business could be a victim of a negative viral video, your employees are typically at the heart of the issue. Here are a few recent viral videos that have gone wrong.


Amazon is a major retailer, with more than 1.5 million workers all over the world and a global presence, it’s no surprise Amazon is responsible for misbehaving employees in more than one instance. One example is when an Amazon worker attacked one woman and another driver was found to be breathing in the windows of a customer and making a note in the condensation.

Perhaps the most salacious of recent occurrences caught on camera was last fall, when a blonde woman in a black minidress was seen slipping out of the side of an Amazon delivery truck in Florida. A video recording of the incident was published on TikTok and quickly gathered 1.4 million views, over 32,000 comments and 15,000 shares.

There was plenty of debate about what transpired between the female driver and woman in the vehicle. However, regardless, Amazon fired the driver for the shady drop-off.

“This is not in line with the high standards we set in place for Our Delivery Service Partners and their drivers,” a rep for the company said to TMZ. “Allowing non-authorized passengers into delivery vehicles is in violation of Amazon policy. The driver has stopped providing parcels for Amazon Customers.”


Amazon doesn’t have the sole delivery company with dirty employees. One DoorDash driver from Brentwood, California, was recorded by the security camera creating an unsanitary mess in the lobby of an apartment building.

Lisa Stanley, the building manager, who also placed the order for delivery from DoorDash delivery, got word from a neighbor regarding an odor of feces being spotted in her lobby. She then went through the video surveillance to determine what transpired.

It was reported that the Dasher was observed handing out a bag full of food, and then quickly using a trash can inside the lobby as toilet. Feces were thrown on the floor and around the edge of the trash container.

Stanley confronted DoorDash with the messy truth, and they responded by stating that they would be looking into the matter and that the Dasher was no longer employed by the company. They also reimbursed Stanley for her tip and food, and also offered her an additional credit of $20.

Stanley was forced to employ an emergency hazmat crew to clean the mess. When she tried to reach DoorDash to request reimbursement for the cleaning cost however, she was given an unspecific response. After she had posted the video on social networks and received the attention of news outlets did DoorDash eventually offer to cover the cost of cleaning.

DoorDash has released an announcement: “The trust and safety of our customers is extremely crucial, and what’s seen on this clip is completely inconvenient and alarming. We’ve decided to deactivate this Dasher and we are currently seeking to communicate with building personnel so we can get reimbursed for cleaning expenses. We’ll also work with law enforcement agencies in any probes.”

Big Sky Pet Resort

In a pet boarding facility located in Billings, Montana, one employee was caught on camera kicking and hitting the dogs who were boardedA former employee witnessed the inhumane behaviour on camera and informed KULR-8 that she had turned the footage over to police the next day.

The owners of the facility viewed the footage and fired the employee who was abusive. After being questioned, they issued an admission for KULR-8 that they will not condone the cruelty of animals under their care.

If you’re curious (and we’re sure you were) the dogs are fine.


FedEx quickly realized that one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch as one of their delivery men was captured on security cameras dropping off a box.

As we enter the busy Christmas period, the transportation company’s image went under when a short video that ran for 20 seconds became viral with a video of one of their delivery drivers hurling a box that had a monitor for a computer inside – across the fence of an California home. The video was more than just a bit revealing in its description, which reads “The tragic thing lies in the fact that I was in my home that day and the front door was completely open. All he needed to do is ring the gate bell.” that gate.”

In less than a single day In less than a single day, in less than a day, the video was watched by millions and prompted FedEx to defend its position via blog posts and videos on the internet that it has created.

“We will also incorporate this into our training courses to remind you that it is important to earn and keeping your trust with each shipping delivery” written FedEx the Senior Vice President Matthew Thornton in his blog. “We hope that, like the person who was affected by this incident, will view it as a pity incident that shows that our company is committed to their customers.”

Tim Hortons

embarrassing situation was captured on camera as the customer was in line to get his food in Tim Hortons and witnessed an employee frying donuts using her fingertips. When the customer inquired with an employee about the unsanitary situation, they informed him that it wasn’t uncommon.

Not sure what he had just seen The customer emailed the footage to blogTO. The video was then posted on the internet and quickly went viral.

An Tim Hortons representative told blogTO that the incident was not typical: “The procedure in the video clearly isn’t part of our operational standards. We have contacted the owner of the restaurant immediately to ensure that proper procedures were being observed.”

What should you do if your business has an unfavorable viral video

If you’re in a situation where the employee’s actions are caught on video and posted online, it’s the perfect time to take to take action to stop the damage. The fact that you ignore the footage won’t cause it to disappear and in the end it’s likely to increase the severity of the situation.

Here are the actions you need to take when you are facing this kind of negative publicity

  1. Respond swiftly. Negative attention, particularly on social media sites could spread like wildfire. It is important to react to the incident before it gets into chaos.
  2. Make sure you offer an apology that is sincere. Be prompt, courteous and sincere with your apology. Your employees are your brand’s ambassadors therefore you must apologize to customers if employees do something wrong.
  3. Make the corrections needed. Do everything in your ability to resolve the issue as fast as you can. Be respectful and understanding of employees who are affected by the and address the issue immediately. This will demonstrate you value your clients and wish to retain their trust..

If you address these issues when they arise the video may not be posted in the initial in the first place. For instance the DoorDash video might not have been uploaded on the internet if the company quickly reimbursed the customer the cleaning costs.

One of the most effective strategies to manage the negative circumstances is to stop it from occurring in the initial place. Train your employees on acceptable behavior and lead by example and ensure that your rules are enforced fairly. It is also important to be sure to keep an eye on your employees to make sure they have the necessary tools to be successful in their work since employees could be more likely to get angry when they’re stressed and burnt out.

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