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The Pros and Cons of Virtualization

The Pros and Cons of Virtualization

Virtualization looks like the holy grail of IT infrastructure. But is this really the case for small businesses?

  • With high upfront costs, virtualization lowers IT costs and is less manageable.
  • Virtualization is scalable. However, creating a new server is so easy that many companies manage more servers than they need.
  • Not all software and hardware are suitable for virtualization.
  • This document is for small business owners who want to know if virtualization is right for them. Virtualization has many advantages. For companies with limited funding, virtualization allows you to keep on budget without having to invest in a lot of hardware. Virtual work environments also help organizations with a limited number of IT employees automate daily tasks, outsource and centrally manage resources. And employees can access their data anytime, anywhere and on any device.

However, virtual environments also have their drawbacks. The main advantages and disadvantages of virtualization are:

The benefits of virtualization

1. Reduce IT costs

According to Mike Adams, vice president of product marketing and technology at Eventi, virtualization helps companies reduce costs in a variety of ways.

  • Saving Capital Investments: The virtualization of the hardware server allows to achieve low-level computing performance, availability, expanded computing, availability and expansion. And ask if you need a relevant supplier. [Related: How to reduce business cost]
  • Operating Provision: If the server is apparently, operational automation staff automates the process to minimum managing management and management, and significantly reduces practical consumer processes.
  • Reduce the data center, energy saving and hardware sounds for cooling image box image and data and reducing energy consumption to reduce costs. Learn how to create a sustainable business model.

2. Effective use of resources

Companies can take full advantage of companies and resource investments thanks to virtualization.

ADAMS will be as heavy as “the customer data center environment increases with size and complexity”. Virtualization helps reduce this complexity by providing resource management capabilities to improve their effectiveness of these virtual environments. ”

Meanwhile, traditional infrastructures that use multiple servers do not take full advantage of parameters.

“Many of many servers do not use more than 2% of server hardware resources for server hardware resources. Using virtualization now, use multiple virtual servers on a single virtual host You can now use resources that can be used [And create]. it’s good. ”

3. Extended castle

Virtualization is very scalable. You can add additional servers to create additional resources as needed.

Since IT administrators do not have to buy a new server, because Livas said that it does not need to buy a new server. “If you can use resources, you can create a new server several times.”

The ease of ease of creating additional resources for the company’s expansion is useful because the company grows. Livas said, “This scenario is growing rapidly, testing data centers and can be good for those companies who can be a good company.” “Workloads like Hadoop, SQL databases, Spark, and containers often start with simple hardware, but later offer new opportunities for virtualization,” Adams said. Virtualization can now support many new applications and workloads in the first 60 to 90 days.

Disadvantages of virtualization

1. The initial cost is high.

If you move an older system to a virtual system, the initial cost will probably be higher. Be prepared to spend more than $ 10,000 on server and software licenses. However, virtualization technology is improved and common, which reduces costs.

2. All hardware or software can not be virtual.

Live tells you that all servers and virtualization applications are. “In general, only the server or program virtualization is only the server or program virtualization because it is not usually not supported by the software vendor.”

Software applications are applied to virtualization situations, but there may be licensed complications due to many hosts and immigration. In terms of performance and licensing issues, assess whether your company’s core applications perform well in a virtualized environment.

3. It’s easy to add a server.

Remember that one of the main goals and benefits of virtualization is resource efficiency. You need to be careful that making servers run smoothly doesn’t translate into slowness in resource allocation. LiveB said: “The sprayer is one of the unwanted consequences of virtualization.” “When the managers discover how they manufacture new servers, they start adding a new server for everything. You will soon see that instead of six to 10 servers, now manage 20 to 30 servers.”

Virtualization solutions for small businesses


VMware offers a wide range of virtualization products and services, which offers cheaper and easier to manage all types of businesses, including small businesses. End-end solutions include vSphere, a virtualization platform famous for high reliability and commercial use around the world. It provides powerful calculations that can handle several times and optimal times several times.


Citrix offers several virtualization solutions suitable for small businesses. One such solution is VDI-in-a-Box, a scalable desktop virtualization service that is easy to deploy and manage. Anyone with Windows experience can centrally manage services and grant access to users, reducing desktop administration costs such as hiring IT professionals and purchasing additional hardware and software. Another option is XenApp Fundamentals, an integrated solution that allows small businesses to instantly and securely convert entire business apps into virtual apps.


IBM offers several types of virtualization solutions that reduce costs and increase flexibility for small and medium-sized businesses. Using VMware’s virtualization platform, IBM’s virtualization services provide an enterprise-class IT infrastructure on a small business budget. Choose from four plans to suit your needs: the popular IBM System x, the easy-to-deploy IBM Power Systems, the IBM BladeCenter Multi-Server, and the advanced IBM PureFlex System Express.

Virtualization certification

VMware certification

VMware certification is based on unique technology, especially vSphere, so certification changes as technology advances. Those interested in VMware Associate certification must pass one exam, but Professional and Advanced Professional certification requires training or prerequisite certification and exams. Design Expert certification is even more comprehensive.

Citrix Certificate

For professionals interested in Citrix certifications, we offer peer, expert, and expert-level virtualization credentials. Associate degrees are earned by passing exams and require no training. From there, you can get professional certifications that require more rigorous testing.

Cisco Certification

The Cisco Career Certificate program offers a wide range of certifications from basics to architectural. There are different tests and prerequisites depending on the certification you want. Certificates are valid for 2 to 5 years depending on the type. After that, you must either pass the certification test or proceed to the Cisco Certification Program to re-verify.

Azure Certified

Like many other certifications, Microsoft Azure credentials are earned by passing tests. Azure certification requires a thorough understanding of virtual machines, Azure subscriptions, identity management, and 6 months of Azure management experience. Various levels of certification are available, from Associate to Professional. Microsoft Certified: For those considering earning the Azure Administrator Associate credential, Microsoft provides a variety of self-paced materials to help you prepare for the exam.

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