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What Is Predictive Analytics?

What Is Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics allows your business to use historical information to predict future outcomes.

  • Companies have access to more data than they think. This is because of a variety sources.
  • Predictive analytics allows you to use historical information to predict future outcomes for your company.
  • Analytics can help you spot future opportunities, better serve customers and make informed business decisions.
  • This article is intended for managers and business owners who wish to use predictive analytics and data to make informed decisions in their organizations.– Every business has an abundance of data. This includes customer and transaction information, manufacturing statistics, and shipping statistics. It is important to understand how to make the data work for your business’s benefit.

Companies can use predictive analytics as a strategy. Predictive analytics is the process of analyzing past data to create models and analyzes that can help predict future outcomes. It is important to take lessons from past failures and successes and to determine what you can change or replicate.

Predictive analytics can apply to all areas of an organization. It helps businesses maximize efficiency and can help them determine their customers’ needs. It can assist a company in identifying and resolving problems that arise.

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is a form of artificial intelligence (AI), which uses digital information to make precise predictions. Advanced algorithms connect data points faster and more accurately than any human can, resulting in reliable and actionable insights.

Eric Siegel is a former Columbia University professor who founded Predictive Analytics World conference series. He defines data analysis as the ability to predict who will click on, buy, lie, or die.

Siegel stated that predictive analytics is technology that uses data to predict what an individual will do. This includes whether they will prosper and donate, or if they will steal and crash their car. It reduces risk, lowers costs, improves customer service and decreases spam and unwanted mail.

Software and tools for predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is a complex process that requires special software. There are several vendors that offer it, including SAP, IBM and SAS. It analyzes the data collected to find the answers that a company is seeking.

Although each software product has its own capabilities and interfaces, the basic idea is the same. All of them work by first analysing all information that a company has. This includes customer and sales statistics, employee productivity, social media data, and social networking data.

The data is then used to create predictive models. They can then use specially designed algorithms to project future trends or problems based upon past behavior.

These models are useful for helping businesses to predict consumer trends and shifts in employee productivity. This can be used to drive supply and marketing decisions, and increase efficiency.

Predictive analytics software was once only available to large organizations. However, recent developments have made this software more accessible to smaller businesses. This software is now available through vendors like Emanio or Angoss at more affordable prices. This software can be used on any personal computer, and not need to be installed on a company server.

Predictive analytics: Examples

Large retailers and financial institutions were the first to use predictive analytics. Businesses of all sizes and industries use predictive analytics to stay ahead of the competition.

IBM says businesses have many options for predictive analytics.

  • Hidden patterns and associations: Uncovering the truth
  • Customer retention can be improved
  • Enhance cross-selling opportunities with personalized offers and experiences
  • Optimizing people, processes, and assets to maximize productivity and profitability is key to maximising profit and productivity
  • Reduce risk to reduce exposure and loss
  • Equipment that extends its useful life
  • Reduced equipment failures and maintenance cost
  • High-value problems are the best areas to focus maintenance efforts
  • Customer satisfaction is increasing

Sephora, for example, analyzes customers’ purchasing history and preferences in order to predict which products they will be most interested in. This has resulted in 80% of customers remaining loyal to the company. Harley-Davidson also uses predictive analytics to identify high-value potential customers that sales and marketing agents can target.

Predictive analytics has become so popular with businesses that other organizations are now using it. It is used by healthcare companies to predict the patient’s response to certain therapies and drugs. This software also helps doctors detect potential life-threatening illnesses and diseases early.

Predictive analytics software is used by government bodies to prevent crime, provide social services, and better serve residents. Predictive analytics is used by more than 2 dozen U.S. cities to identify the most common crimes. This data is used to determine the best way to allocate resources, thereby reducing crime and increasing efficiency.

Businesses that do not use predictive analytics software for driving their decisions in the future will be in the minority.

Predictive analytics: The pros and cons

Although predictive analytics has great potential, only 19% of midsize businesses are actively planning analytic initiatives, according to BDO Digital. This is partly because there are some downsides to the technology. Let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks and benefits of predictive analytics today.


  • It offers actionable insights that will help you stay ahead of your competition.
  • This saves time and effort that could otherwise be spent on manual research and testing.
  • Through workflow optimization, it can reduce ongoing costs.
  • It can help reduce the amount of wasted capital that is spent on ineffective marketing campaigns.
  • As time passes, it becomes more reliable.


  • To produce meaningful results, it takes time.
  • It takes a lot of data gathering and preparation.
  • You may face high initial costs and disruptions.

Predictive analytics: Making the most of it

To reap the benefits of predictive analytics, you must be aware of its potential drawbacks. Reliable, clean data is an important consideration.

These algorithms won’t be able to produce accurate results if they don’t have high quality data. According to Gartner research, bad information costs organizations $15 millions a year in losses. This can be avoided by gathering data from reliable sources and cleaning it before it is fed into predictive models. This includes verifying the data against other sources, eliminating redundancies, and standardizing its format.

It’s best to start small with any new technology. Predictive analytics can be used to reduce the initial cost and disruptions. Then, you can expand it over time as your company becomes more proficient at managing it. This will help employees learn how to use these technologies better.

To ensure that your predictive analytics data remains reliable, it is important to regularly check it. Algorithms will need to be adjusted and tweaked as situations change. You can monitor their performance to help your business reap the benefits without taking too much risk.

Predictive analytics revolutionizing business

Many businesses have seen predictive analytics transform their operations. This technology has seen dramatic improvements in almost every industry. As more people see the benefits, it could be the norm.

Predictive analytics, like any other technology, is not a panacea. Predictive analytics won’t solve all problems, especially if it isn’t implemented with care, but it can provide substantial assistance. It will change the way businesses work.

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