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8 Ways to Put Pokemon Go to Work for Your Small Business

8 Ways to Put Pokemon Go to Work for Your Small Business

Since its initial appearance, Pokemon Go has seen a lot of growth. An augmented reality game can offer easy marketing opportunities for your company.

  • Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that allows you to capture digital Pokemon in real life.
  • You can attract Pokemon Go players to you store and make them paying customers.
  • To capture the interest of players and boost your business’ visibility, host events or use social media.
  • This article was written for business owners who wish to learn about the features and use them in their marketing.– You’ve likely heard of the AR mobile game Pokemon GO. In this game, players travel around the world in search of and capture digital Pokemon. This might seem trivial or irrelevant to your business at first glance, but since the game is geographically based, there are multiple ways you can use it to attract some of the lure Module is one item that can be placed at PokeStops. Lures modules are able to attract wild Pokemon and players to a particular location once they have been activated. You could consider buying lure modules in bulk and advertising a Pokemon Go party. A lure party is a great way for your business to attract players to your location. This is a cost-effective and simple way to market your business. You can create a Pokemon Go Account by downloading the app from Google Play or App Store. Then, you can purchase a pack of lure modules for a few bucks and have them set up at your local PokeStop. You can create a lure party by using each lure for as many as you like. Each one is activated for 30 minutes so you can use them all at once. [Related to How do you choose the right location for your business ]

Combining a lure party and special deals can be a great way of making extra cash. Multiple lures have been developed since the game’s launch, each one attracting a different kind of Pokemon. You can be more specific with your event planning by pairing certain foods and drinks with the type or Pokemon you are luring.

2. Use incense.

Incense can be used to attract Pokemon to your location, much like a lure module. You don’t have to be within a PokeStop. The original duration of the item was 30 minutes. However, it has been extended to 60 minutes. Incense is a great alternative to lure module for making your business or store a Pokemon Go destination. To extend the effects of your incense and make your area a more popular spot, you can drop multiple incenses one after another. This will cost 40 Pokemon Go Coins (or 40 cents in real money).

3. Host Gym Battle Tournaments

Perhaps your business is more like a PokeStop than a Pokemon Gym. If that’s the case, you have another option to encourage players to visit your business. Advertise in advance that you will be hosting an event. may offer discounts for Gym Battle winners. On game day, players will be able to receive a discount if they become Gym Leaders with proof of gamer ID. Remember that Gyms require multiple players to protect the location. While you may offer discounts to Gym Leaders, your teammates will be there with them most likely as full-paying clients.

4. Profit from raid battle gatherings.

Your business being close to a Pokémon Gym can be a boon. Raid battles occur when a Gym becomes temporarily occupied by a Boss Pokémon. Boss Pokemon can be found at any difficulty level. It usually requires many players to join forces to defeat it.

Boss Pokemon are often depicted as an egg that is waiting to hatch. This takes some time. The Pokemon will remain at the Gym until they hatch. Because you have a time limit, this can make it a great opportunity to market your business. A nearby restaurant might offer half-off appetizers while the eggs hatch or a dollar off if the player captures the Pokemon.

An EX Raid is a type of battle that requires invitations to participate. Your establishment is the best place to host an exclusive raid.

5. Celebrate Community Days

Pokemon Go has developed Community Days. These live events are monthly where certain Pokemon will be spawning more often for a short time. This is a great incentive to players to catch as many Pokemon as possible. To bring in as many Pokemon, your business could combine Community Days with lures or incense. This will attract as many people as possible.

You can host special events that coordinate with the highlighted Pokemon at your establishment, such as deals or special meals. A Bulbasaur-inspired dessert or burger is a great way to celebrate the occasion. Community days are a great way to market your business. They happen often and offer many marketing opportunities. There are many ways to use national days for advertising .

6. Advertise a PokeHunt

A community-wide Pokemon Go hunt that begins and ends at your business’s door is an option that doesn’t depend on proximity to PokeStops or gyms. You just need to announce the date and time for your family-friendly PokeHunt and wait for players to arrive before you all head out for a walk around your neighborhood. To make sure that your company is visible throughout the event, you might have your staff wear branded shirts. There should be an after-party for any PokeHunt. Invite hunters to your place for a trainer talk and to share their hauls. This tactic is especially useful for restaurants.

7. Create Pokemon Go social media deals.

You can use Pokemon Go to improve your visibility on social networks. Customers can get a discount of a few dollars to snap a picture of a Pokemon at their store or restaurant and then post it on social media with the tag “Business News Daily”. Although it might only make them a few bucks, it will spread your brand online. It can also show other players nearby how many rare or exotic Pokemon are found in your establishment. This could encourage them to come and spend some money.

8. Organise a Pokemon Go trading party.

After many years of speculation, the ability to exchange Pokemon was finally added. Two players must be within close proximity to trade, which gives your business another game option. You could organize a Pokemon trading event, such as “Pokemon Trading Tuesdays,” in which customers who trade with your business get a perk and a small discount. You can offer special trades to more experienced players or lucky trades. These can be accompanied by greater perks or discounts.

Pokemon Go’s future

Rumours abound about future Pokemon Go updates, which will allow players to trade their items. These updates will allow businesses to tap into the tremendous appeal of augmented reality. Businesses might be able to use an local marketing strategy if AR games become as popular as Pokemon Go. These strategies are very affordable.

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