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First Impressions: What Good Design Can Do for Your Business

First Impressions What Good Design Can Do for Your Business

Be it your logo, website, or other marketing materials design plays a crucial part in branding and marketing your small-scale company.

  • A well-designed site is crucial to business marketing.
  • A logo or website’s design should convey an image and create an excellent first impression.
  • When developing the website, designers should take into account visual appeal, ease of navigation, and SEO strategies for search engines.
  • This post is written for small-scale business owners who want to increase their website’s potential for marketing.– Your website’s message is communicated to prospective customers whether or not your company knows what it’s doing. It’s the reason web design is essential as a tool for marketing. It demonstrates the need to put the time and effort to create an attractive and well-designed homepage that does not appear as if you’ve opted for the default design or a simplistic design.

Why website design matters

According to an study of The Missouri University of Science and Technology Eyes of a person require 2.6 seconds to concentrate on a particular element of a website as it is loading. The viewers quickly form an opinion on the basis of the information they’ve seen, and it’s beneficial to alter this opinion through a clever design, according to Adriana Marin who is a graphic designer freelance.

What should you consider when designing a site

Based on the advice of experts we spoke with We have compiled a list of points to consider when you are creating your site:


“People feel about your business from the experiences they’ve had with a image,” Marin said. “A well-designed logo and website bolsters confidence since it appears professional. If a business will put its energy into designing a functional and clean design that is simple to use, then it can be an indication of what the experience using their product will be like.”

First impression

“Good design aids in communicating your message, it helps to get through the marketing noise and organizes information efficiently for the specific audience you’re trying to attract,” said Lilian Crooks Graphic expert and designer at Harcum College. “Effective designs and messages work together to communicate the importance of your company clearly and, more importantly, in a memorable way.”

SEO strategy

Ramon Khan, a freelance marketing consultant, said his opinion that Google has made a huge campaign for Core Web Vitals. He also said that the business focuses on the intangible aspects of a website , for instance, how fast it loads, and how designed for mobile devices – all of which are a elements of search engine optimization.

“The page content that you’re using as well as the keywords you’d like to be ranked on in SEO are important elements to be considered,” agreed Andrei Kurtuy co-founder of Novoresume and CCO for Novoresume. “Prior to designing the website, do search engine optimization and arrange your content so that each page is designed to cater to one long-tail keyword.”


“When it concerns the design and appearance of a company this is an excellent illustration of the importance initial impressions.” stated Annie Everill Digital Marketing Executive at Imaginaire. “Creating an appealing, memorable distinctive branding identity is essential to the success of any company – not just connecting all your accounts as well as creating an atmosphere of community for your staff and your customers. The brand’s identity could be represented via a logo, website layout, packaging as well as social media and images.”


Your landing page must set an example for the rest of your business and contain essential information. This will make it easy for the visitors to know what you offer or what services your business offers.

“Figure out the most important details are that you want customers or users to get from the webpage, and then make it easy to find and comprehend,” said Christina Coviello the head of research on user experience of Noom Inc. “Then identify the most crucial action that users should complete on that page, and make it clear and easy to access.”

In particular, Coviello suggests adding a buy button on your homepage to trigger an move. Whatever action you decide to use, it must attract your customers to the products or services you offer.

Visual appeal

There’s a good story to share, but no one would be interested enough to visit the contents of your About Us page or explore your social media content in the event that you do not immediately get your readers involved. What can you do to achieve this?

Cole Sletten, creative director at the digital marketing agency Ready Set Rocket, said powerful visuals can be the answer.

“An image can convey even complex messages in a short amount of time, clearly and easily,” he said. “It’s the same desire for speedy consumption that has transformed the web from its traditional text-based roots to an image- , and more and more video-centric medium.”

Marin stated that captivating images make your brand stand out from the rest. The images you use should be appropriate to your brand and be engaging the people you want to reach. If in doubt she suggested keeping things simple and clear.

Crooks said that “stock illustration and photography is similar to illustrations and stock photography.” To keep from using the same imagery like another, think about helping local designers and artists to create original, unique designs.


“Monitoring your competitors websites will help you determine the most popular designs,” said Chelsea Cohen founder of SoStocked. “An old-fashioned website gives users an impression that you aren’t active online or aren’t keen on creating better opportunities for your customers. Your competitors will have an insights into what draws similar clients, especially those who have a long-running online presence.”

Cohen said that analyzing competitors isn’t exactly the same as taking advantage of their site’s structure as well as color palette, however you can utilize these as a way to find out which elements work. The research of industry websites can enhance your site’s distinctiveness.

Usability and readability

The most important advice that experts offer when creating web pages is to make it simple to navigate, and not offer visitors – and perhaps future visitors a lot of choices.

“The less options you provide per page, the more easy for users to select and turn to clients,” Cohen said. “I suggest following”the rule of Three” across your site. One of the elements could be insufficient and may not have enough details to persuade your visitor to act. Three elements listed in a row is enough to balance the list and create curiosity. Anything more can risk overwhelming your audience and causing them to leave entirely.”

The examples of the rule of three according to Cohen Cohen, include reducing your bulleted lists, or creating the least complicated three-tiered pricing system.

Mobile viewing

“Many people today surf the internet on their smartphones,” said Jeff Zhou director at Fig Loans. “With only a small real perspective, you’ll need to ensure that your visitors are able to navigate your websites and locate the information they’re searching for. Like it does on a browser for the web the website must work smoothly when viewed on smartphones.” Learn how you can optimize your mobile-friendly website. ]

Bottom line: Compelling, unique website design

When you’re considering what your online brand’s appearance should be It’s crucial to keep it constant however, it shouldn’t be monotonous.

“The top brand names … appear as real multi-faceted characters than collections of graphic components,” Sletten said. “Think about the aspects that specific to your company and can effectively portray your brand. Consider letting those qualities guide your logo and website , you account on Instagram as well as your shopfront’s packaging, storefront as well as customer support.”

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