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How to Write Better Job Descriptions

How to Write Better Job Descriptions

Learn to create job descriptions that draw the top talent.

  • A great job description is essentially the equivalent of a sales pitch, with brief introduction and brief lists of the responsibilities and needs. The summary is followed by a short call to for action.
  • Your job advertisement should be mobile-friendly, and composed largely of bullet points. The style of your company and the position you are hiring, adding a bit of humor can be beneficial.
  • When your job description is done, you can publish it on job search websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Google for Jobs and ZipRecruiter.
  • This post is written for small-scale business owners and hiring managers seeking to create and write more detailed job descriptions.– Are you wondering why you’re not getting the best job candidates? You may want to consider taking an in-depth look at the way you write job descriptions.

For every excellent job description there are many which simply include keywords that relate to the job’s assignments, duties as well as qualifications and experience requirements. Although it’s simple to create description of jobs that is merely list of keywords, these descriptions are difficult for candidates to comprehend and read. They also attract applicants who apply to jobs on a massive scale which may not make the ideal candidate for your company.

In lieu of obtaining many applications, you should focus on finding the best talent. Your job posting is likely to be a candidate’s first impressions of your business. While you should avoid the use of keywords in your listing, you should not overflow your job description with clichés or jargon.

How do you write a an efficient job description that attracts those who are qualified? Employers, business owners as well as marketing managers and career experts have laid out the essentials.

What should you include in your job description?

A well-written job description goes beyond the typical list of tasks, skills and requirements for the job. To draw the most qualified candidates to your job, you should give them a glimpse of your corporate and its culture according to Jean Cook, former business coach at The Alternative Board.

Rebecca Barnes-Hogg, the founder and chief executive officer of YOLO Insights, shared similar opinions, saying that good employees will be more willing to invest in companies that reflect their values and interests.

“They would like to know more about your product and what you are about,” she said. “Your advert needs to communicate to your customers that. The opening few lines should grab the reader’s interest. As with any successful sales pitch be sure to focus on the candidate and their desires.”

Jaynine Howard, founder and career advisor of JJ Howard & Associates, advises upfront about the pay in the job description. Many applicants reject an offer in the last minute, after having been told about the amount she said. Making sure this is clear early on will stop both you and your candidates from being a waste of time.

Michael Lan, senior resume consultant at Resume Writer Direct, recommends using application instructions that include an explicit call to action. It could be to send an email to someone a particular person or leave a message on their phone or even include a codeword in the cover letter of applicants asking applicants to complete something additional can help to narrow your applicants for interviews.

A clearly stated call to action like this “serves as an integrated screening procedure because you’ll be able to identify candidates who are unable to follow directions or show an unintentional disregard to the finer points,” Lan said.

How do you write a job description?

When writing the job description you’ll need to write in a manner that reflects your brand’s image according to Joseph Terach, co-founder of Resume Deli. For example, if you’re looking for creative workers then make your job posting funny and humorous. Tech employees who are detail-oriented On the other hand might be better off by providing lists of essential capabilities.

As a lot of people are distracted and stressed, they’ll most likely be more attracted to advertisements that are simple to scan or read particularly when using phones. Don’t overburden your candidates with irrelevant information or long paragraphs.

Steve Dempsey, COO of Aquent, a staffing company Aquent suggests organizing the most important duties using bullet points and creating sections by using informative headings.

“Most job candidates are scanning,” he said. “They are searching for the right job , and will go through an advertisement and then scan the information before deciding whether to applyor not bother.”

Jan Hudson, COO of Surf Search, agrees. “Most job seekers are searching for job listings on their phones right now. Be simple and use bullet points whenever possible.” She is also adamant about using headings such as “Responsibilities” as well as “Requirements” prior to lists with bullets for more clarity.

Additionally, humor with a light touch can help candidates remember your job description and make them want to submit an application. Chris Mindel, marketing manager at Dexter Edward LLC, uses subtle humor throughout his description of job. “It makes applicants look happy when they are thinking of the company you work for,” he said. “They’re most likely to be interested in applying.”

Writing your job description

The process of taking all these tips into consideration could be overwhelming.

When you’re looking to fill your next job you can think of an opening speech of two sentences about your business and two bulleted lists of”Responsibilities” and “Responsibilities” as well as “Requirements,” and a one-sentence appeal to action, inviting the applicant to click on a link to submit an application.

To ensure better readability and better response rate, be sure you include all the necessary details about the job’s assignments, duties, qualifications, and experience required within”Requirements” and “Responsibilities. “Responsibilities” along with the “Requirements” checklists.

Job descriptions and templates

Hudson posted the following job descriptionthat attracted applicants with outstanding qualifications in the field of life sciences:

The world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices is seeking an experienced Supplier Quality Manager to manage a supplier quality team for the development of new medical devices of Class III. This Supplier Quality Manager will lead the quality initiatives of suppliers and certifications as well as oversee and mentor the quality of the supplier team. Travel is anticipated to be about 25 percent, both domestically as well as international. Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering is required; advanced degrees preferred
  • 8plus more years relevant work experience with medical equipment, preferentially Class III
  • A background for the design of medical devices
  • 5plus years of experience in leadership
  • A strong leadership and management abilities to ensure the growth, management and development of employees
  • Prior supervisory experiences
  • Strong analytical and statistical abilities
  • A proven track of success in managing multiple competing programs or projects
  • The capability to travel as high as 25%, domestically as well as international
  • Certifications for quality such as ASQ CQA, CBA, AQA, RAB and CQE highly preferred
  • Lead auditor certification preferred
  • A working knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio etc. )
  • Expertise in Quality System regulation (QSR/FDA regulation) and ISO 13485 standards
  • Design Control and validation experience are a benefit


  • Manage investigation nonconformance issues identified for device components
  • Check for compliance with the supplier’s files
  • Determine the quality engineering requirements of suppliers resource requirements and control resources to ensure quality coverage for new program of product development
  • Start continuous improvement initiatives, such as Quality system and supplier qualification procedures
  • Manage the supplier Quality team

Dustin Diehl, director of content marketing at Digital Current, provided this humorous job advertisement targeted at a unique content marketer. Note how the headings are used as well as funny voice.

Content StrategistThis may be what’s the seventh job advertisement you’ve seen this morning? Tenth? It’s a good thing you’re the first, are happy! We know that the process of finding a new job could be a challenge, so we’re here to make it as simple as possible.What are you looking for? A content strategist! What is that? If you’re required to inquire, you might not be the right person for the job.OK So, what’s Digital Current’s definition for a content strategist? Fair query! There are a variety of ways to define the job that a strategist plays in determining content but here’s what we think: At DC (that’s an abbreviation of Digital Current, not the comic book company, though that would be fantastic – we’ll be asking you about your most loved Justice League member during your interview, but don’t worry about it) Our content strategists

  • Are you digitally smart?
  • Learn about the role of content strategy and marketing in the present digital marketing environment
  • Are 2-4 years experience in the field of digital content strategy
  • Know how important (and how to build) personas, buyer’s journey maps, and content messages that includes tone, voice and guidelines for style.
  • can conduct audits of content to evaluate existing content’s performance as well as quality.
  • collaborate together with SEO teams to integrate the most recent SEO best practices into their recommendations for content and in making plans
  • Are confident in presenting and interacting with clients
  • can lead creative workshops and editing planning sessions
  • Are always seeking ways to better inform themselves, their colleagues and clients about the latest developments in the field of digital content

Great! Where can I sign-up?

Contact us with your CV and we’ll schedule for a phone call! We’re looking forward to meeting you.

5 job sites for job postings

After the job description is finished You must get it to prospective candidates. You can do this easily via job posting websites. On these sites, those searching for new opportunities can look for opportunities that appeal to them. The sites for hiring will show the jobs that are pertinent to the search. This means that you can rest and relax while candidates approach you, rather than the reverse.

  1. LinkedIn: The most popular social media site specifically for professionals. LinkedIn is also an extremely popular online space for job posting and searching. Posting your job in LinkedIn in two different ways. First, you can post a traditional job posting. The second option is to share the post on your personal feed for all of your followers to view. They can then forward your information to their own followers, and then directly forward it to friends who are interested.
  2. Indeed: You can also make job postings to Indeed’s pool that has 250 million active users. It is possible to conduct virtual interviews directly on Indeed’s platform and include screener questions in your listing to improve your chances of hiring. (For an in-depth look at prospective hires, you could browse our selection of the top background check companies.)
  3. Monster On Monster you are able to create an open job ad without cost before committing to paid services. If you’re looking for frequently for new employees then you should contact Monster to set up a custom business plan for your organization. Monster offers hundreds of templates for job listings from which you can create your own.
  4. Google to Jobs By using Google to Jobs You can make steps to rank your website’s listing higher for job seekers’ Google searches. If you post your job listings on your website for your business then you’ll need to change the HTML of the listing to incorporate Google to search for jobs. If you’re using an outside company hosting your listings, it could be connected to Google for Jobs. If it is, you could probably replicate your listing to that site to Google.
  5. ZipRecruiter ZipRecruiter permits you immediately post the exact job posting on a variety of job websites. ZipRecruiter will then provide you with an extensive list of highly qualified candidates you ask to submit applications. ZipRecruiter places an enormous importance on mobile-friendly applications for both employers and applicants.

How can you create job descriptions that work for you

When you’re hiring an engineer in the senior ranks or a marketing specialist at entry level it’s crucial to create short job descriptions that clearly highlight the most crucial aspects of the job.

Use bullet points, headings and clearly stated calls to actions to increase the readability and the rate of response.

Do not be afraid to create your job description to be in line with your company’s values. It will attract more applicants who match your business.

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