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Want to Get More Done at Work? Eat Better

Want to Get More Done at Work Eat Better

Healthy food is the key to productivity.

  • An unhealthy diet leads to lower productivity, but a healthy diet can increase productivity.
  • Other health factors such as smoking, lack of exercise and stress also tend to reduce work productivity.
  • A healthy diet can result from group efforts, slow transitions, a focus on fruits and vegetables, and the occasional cheating.
  • This article is aimed at managers and employees interested in how what they eat affects their work and how they can make meaningful changes.– According to the study of non-health and smoking system and exercise 2012, 2015 and 2021, there is a number of employees every day. We will detect the main data of each study on the link between unhealthy schemes and less productivity, and practical practical practice. Your team steps for you to take healthy diet and high productivity.

Health Department of Population 2012 Ministry

In 2012, a scan is working in 1903 Health Management Studies in three major geographical companies. Studies – organized by researchers of Breakam, Health and Health Research Health and Health Research Center (CIA), revealed that a personal non-health life option can result in significant losses. Time.

Health, efficiency and exercise factor

More specifically, the study revealed that unhealthy food employees were 66% more likely to lose productivity from those who are eating regular grains, fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, the exercises of which employees from time to time are susceptible to report greater productivity than employees who are regular exercises and smokers can be afflicted for a decrease in productivity than not alms of 28%.

In this study, we have revealed that difficult employees during working days are 96% of the possibility of productivity degradation. Furthermore, those who do not believe in their work environment will support them physically and mentally healthy. It is likely to reduce productivity.

“Our research has confirmed that the loss of employee productivity is low, healthy healthy behavior, a healthy risk and the presence of chronic diseases is connected”. This information is important because the number of employees with excessive body fat, a bad diet, diabetes and lifestyle that tends to sit at unprecedented levels. ”

Other factors that reduce productivity

In this study, there is no time to carry out tasks and technical support is insufficient and some other personal and personal factors contribute to a decrease in productivity, as a worrying for the money I understand. This study also came to know that at the age of 30 and 39, the loss of productivity among humans is most, and the age of 60 is the youngest. It was more popular in women than men and was strong as their married partners among divorce or widow wings.

In this report it was found that it experienced the highest productivity loss in agriculture, forestry, fishing, construction and mining industry. There is a way to provide a health insurance for your employee, so that you help you improve your lifestyle.

Jerry says Nice, the CEO of the hero, Jerry Nice says. “Business leaders have a comprehensive example of a comprehensive example of a comprehensive example of improving welfare to reduce productivity loss, to reduce the well-known elements, which can improve improvement in employers, productivity and profitability.

2015 UK Health and Psychology Research

In 2015, health and psychological studies in the United Kingdom analyzed the effects of fruits and vegetable consumption for partnership, meaning and purpose. The work of these emotions does not have direct impact on productivity, but you suggest the minimum employee. Opportunities will not be much more. In this study you can change more fruits and vegetables.

There are no more creative for 13 days with fruit and vegetable consumption during 405 adult samples, creativity, curiosity and welfare. There is almost no unhealthy food that brought these positive emotions to the world.

The implementation is obvious: better food staff is more productive.

2021 Applied Psychology Research Journal

According to the Journal of Psychological Research for 2021 for 2011, the unhealthy nutrition option of the night brings the next day a decline in productivity.

It was pursued in 10 days after 97 full-time employees who ate unhealthy food before work, and it probably took work-related situations. They used to serve their colleagues and their supervisors or to get up. These careless employees were, of course, less productive.

How to eat a healthy diet that increases your productivity

It is clear that health and diet correlate with productivity. What may not be obvious is a set of realistic and achievable steps you can take to change your diet. However, dieting is difficult in the long run.

Here’s how to make a sustainable transition to a healthy diet:

  1. Easily. No one expects you to empty your fridge of all those unhealthy foods overnight. Eventually, a quick transition will cause you to lose balance. Instead, try replacing some of your typical meals with healthy ones over the next week. Each subsequent week, increase the number of meals you replace with healthier options. At the end of the day, most, if not all, of your diet is healthy.
  2. Slowly add fruits and vegetables. More than any other food group, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that energize the body and mind. However, not everyone likes fruits and vegetables, so add small amounts of each to your regular meal as you transition to a healthy diet. For example, a burger could be healthier with coleslaw, roasted carrots, and chopped strawberries.Eventually, you’ll want to replace the burger with something healthy.
  3. Don’t go alone. Eating healthy can be difficult to follow on your own. To make it a team effort, implement an employee health and wellness program. You can even pair it with the best employee monitoring software to see who is actively looking for a healthy change. (Read our SentryPC review for an example of this software.) Since meals at work can boost productivity, plan healthy lunches together. Along with your health plan, encourage your team to eat healthy foods and follow their habits. Talk openly about your victories and struggles to help and inspire one another.
  4. Constant changes in health and eating habits can be beneficial for everyone. Cheating from time to time Eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean refusing to eat a piece of chocolate cake. Sometimes junk food and sweets do not endanger your health – it’s a problem of overeating. So go ahead and enjoy the next party food. You deserve it!

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