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Why Word of Mouth Trumps Traditional Advertising

Why Word of Mouth Trumps Traditional Advertising

Many people trust personal advice rather than advertisements.

  • Studies show that word of mouth is the most effective way to convince customers.
  • Word of mouth is effective for all generations, especially millennials.
  • Influencer marketing, user-generated content, referral programs, and featured reviews help you reach the market through word of mouth.
  • This article is for small business owners who want to complete their reviews.– When it affects consumers, there is nothing worth the oral advertising. This is true since 2012, when a famous Nielsen survey realized that 9 2% of people earned their recommendations from their friends and family before all kinds of advertising during the purchase decision. This indicates an increase of 20% compared to 2007.

However, these results are only to highlight the modified advertising model. According to this study, in less than half of all, there is a traditional television television, magazines and newspaper newspapers. These figures are respectively down 24%, 20% and 25% compared to 2009.

Below, we’ll discuss what the 2012 Nielsen Report can teach small business owners like you. We will also provide you with recent statistics that you can learn from.

2012 Nielsen Global Advertising Trust Report

The stats above are from the 2012 Nielsen Trust in Advertising Report. The brand said about the publication of the survey.

“As a” brand marketing representative is becoming increasingly effective to effectively launch advertising strategies, Nielsen surveys show that the ongoing expansion of media messages can affect how they respond to target destinations on different operating systems. “When publishing this survey.

“Television advertising remains on the basic method of the marketing person, but recommend that consumers around the world are more reliable with friends and consumer feedback. As a result, the successful brand of the advertiser is looking for a way. Consumers and better communication take a court In the form of feedback and consumer experience. “[Read the relevant article” The consumer is a human relationship with the brand ”

When this study was released, online advertisements were the growing environment. The prevalence of consumers found online banner ads was raised from 26% in 2012 in 2012 to 33%. Additionally, about 40% of Internet users trust advertisements that appear in search engine results and social networks. Consumer confidence in advertising on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and SMS advertising increased in the 2012 survey. 61% since 2007 (see Text Advertising Platforms on SMS Marketing Top Picks page for details).

creative ad format

In a 2012 survey by Nielsen, more creative forms of advertising are also beginning to gain credibility. According to the survey, nearly 60% of consumers responded to advertisements on company websites and 50% of consumers responded to company emails. Surprisingly, over 40% of people were affected by product placement on TV shows or movies. “In the last four years, the growth of confidence for research and online advertising is to further enhance confidence in media marketers to increase advertising dollar.” “Many companies increase advertising activities on social networking sites because of their high levels of consumer confidence for friends and comments online. The brand should be this ad channel. Continue to monitor the injury as if you continue to grow.”

The information on the Nielsen poll on the Global Fund on Advertising was based on answers and behaviors of 28,000 countries in 56 countries.

2021 Public Relations Statistics

The SEMRUSH is providing Semrush Code in March 2021 for more information about advertising information in Semrush mouth. Highlights 10 out of 10 out of 49 code statistics.

  1. 90% of your customers choose the product that came with your personal advice without this confirmation.
  2. More than four customers will completely avoid small companies that know that they know negative stories.
  3. 17% of people participating in the 2020 Amazon Prime Day learned from mouth ads instead of Amazon.
  4. Millennium is 38% higher and is likely to focus on the mouth ads in the mouth.
  5. 18% and 16% Baby Bummer customers in grain X are regularly looking for new products using the admiral.
  6. With the same shape of 12%, Jane Z uses the word of the oral to find less products than the new generation.
  7. The 20% of North Americans who learn about a product through word of mouth buy it immediately.
  8. Word of mouth may be directly responsible for 9 out of 10 purchases.
  9. Word of mouth can generate 5 times more revenue than paid advertising.
  10. 64% of marketers say that word of mouth is more effective than other tactics.

How to improve word-of-mouth advertising

The potential for word-of-mouth advertising to increase revenue is clear. But how exactly do you advertise through word of mouth? Here are some important tips to follow:

  • Add user-generated content. If you’ve seen someone post about your brand and tagged it on social media, chances are you’ve seen user-generated content. This content reaches a relatively small number of viewers, but can be produced cheaply by the company and has clear incentives for the creators.In addition, some people who follow ordinary people probably know them in real life and trust their recommendations.
  • Try influencer marketing. By definition, influencers have followers they deeply trust. When these influencers recommend a product (usually through sponsored content), they engage in word of mouth. You can see an increase in interaction from their fans.
  • Highlight your best comments. With most website design platforms, you can add an item item that displays menu sites, such as TrustPilot and Google Maps. This approach is a very effective ad tactic for mouth tactics for consumer businesses (B2C). Business business companies are often better with customer certificates that are highlighted in their main pages or a separate test page.
  • Set a reference program. Transport programs offer your customers an incentive to enhance them. When they get a new customer for you they get a discount or bonus and you get a new customer. Really, everyone wins.

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