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14 Best Android Apps for Business

14 Best Android Apps for Business

Business applications for Android can easily manage financial management, staff, team cooperation, business, plans and travel.

  • Young entrepreneurs can be around the clock and check on 24/7 when using mobile business applications.
  • Skype, recession, TRELLO, and other applications help you to work in projects in your projects or your business.
  • You can easily use important business data, making it possible to decide on information and make important tasks.
  • This article is for small entrepreneurs for those who travel especially for many sites or visitors.– Applications are not only for social media and social games. Young contractors, independent events and side ganners depend on commercial applications to help them stay a system, productivity and connected. We checked some hottest news in the market, as well as some of our old favorite to give you the best 14 applications on Android to work.

These include strong supplemental units, SAAS products (current software as a service) and free unique applications and easy to use. Regardless of your business size or needs, these 14 applications are worth a look.


If you’re new to QuickBooks and looking for an affordable and easy-to-use accounting solution, we recommend giving it a try. You can use this program to access customer information, send invoices, save photos of receipts, manage overdue invoices, estimate emails, track expenses, and view reports.

The company offers a 30-day free trial, and even users with a simple starter plan ($12.50 per month) have full access to the QuickBooks mobile app.

2. agitation

Another exceptional obvious application for SMBS, Gusto provides a shamaya place to manage salaries, benefits, time control and human resources. Unlike other payroll solutions, gusto is created specifically for small businesses and easy-to-use hunting interface, even if you do not have experience in the payroll.

The most important Gusto plan (access level) starts at $ 39 per month (plus $ 6 per additional user) and includes mobile phone application at this price. Explore why we mentioned Gusto Payrol review we have the best payroll service for interior owners.

3. QuickBooks Calendar

QuickBooks Time, you guessed it, is also an Intuit solution, but that’s not why it’s included on this list. QuickBooks Time is one of the best time tracking software solutions available for small and medium-sized businesses, and the app makes it easy to access on the go. With this SaaS suite and app, you can officially get rid of paper time sheets and enter the time manually. If your company has a lot of remote or field workers, you’ll love GPS location tracking, which lets you view employee location data, and a time feature, which uses facial recognition to confirm location and identity.
QuickBooks Time also makes it easy to create and publish employee schedules and integrate with any other Intuit products you use. QuickBooks Time offers a 30-day free trial. After the trial is over, entry-level subscriptions are $ 20 per month for the first three months and $ 40 per month thereafter ($ 10 per additional user). The app is included in the price.

4. Square

Even the smallest companies can use credit cards with Square. After downloading the free app, you can sign up and receive your credit card reader via email. Once you have the dongle, connect it directly to your Android device and you can use the portable POS system. There are similar plans, but Square surveys show that mobile credit is great for small businesses because it’s easy to use and ideal for a flat rate (whether it’s a card, credit card, or cash). Card processor for small businesses.

5. Skype

Skype is one of the important first communication software, and it remains our favorite free software for small business for hosting video conference calls and chatting in general. You can also use Skype on the go with the Android app, which lets you use your phone or tablet’s front camera and stay in touch with your team wherever you (or your team) are. One of Skype’s best features is the ability to call non-Skype users and even international numbers at a competitive rate with the Skype Credit program.

6. Dissolved

Slack is a free chat app (with optional paid tiers) ideal for teams working on projects, especially if they’re in different locations. You can create channels for different topics or members, send direct messages, host video calls without leaving the app, browse archived conversations and drag and drop files. With the paid versions, which start at $6.67 per month, you can even collaborate with people from other organizations. One of the main reasons Slack is so popular with small and medium businesses is that it integrates with thousands of apps, including Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, Concur, Asana, and Trello.

7. Zoho One

Zoho offers many great business apps, and Zoho One gives business users access to all 40 for one flat price ($37 per employee per month with an annual subscription). While that cost may seem prohibitive for a range of applications, Zoho products are packed with features and are as easy to use on a laptop or desktop computer as they are on a mobile device. It’s hard to handle all the tasks Zoho One can handle but CRM software, reporting, business email client, social media management, support ticket booking, web conferencing, project management , presentation tools, inventory management and payroll are amazing tools. Read our review of Zoho CRM, Zoho Books Accounting or Zoho Assist, the remote computer access software.

8. Trello

Trello is a free-to-download app (with a paid option) for entrepreneurs, side jobs, and professionals who want to stay organized in the office and at home. Lightweight project management features let you create workflows and invite others to collaborate on projects. Users can assign tasks to themselves and others, comment on ongoing projects, attach related files from Google Drive or Dropbox, and upload photos and videos. It also has a handy checklist, a bulletin board to organize multiple projects side-by-side, and the ability to work offline.


Another powerful organization, Evernote is one of the most popular free apps for business (with a paid tier). Evernote creates a variety of notebooks, crops web articles, inserts media (including videos), search old notes by keyword, block personal notes, share notebooks for collaboration, create simple to-do lists and projects. You can manage, scan documents with your camera, create and search handwritten notes and access information from any device. Evernote is constantly adding features for teamwork and third-party integration, and monetary features are worth considering.

10. Scan the camera

This free app is simple compared to other apps on our list, but it is a valuable tool for SMB owners, freelancers and contractors. CamScanner makes it easy to scan documents using your Android device’s camera. You can save those documents as PDFs and emails or download them directly from the app. It also features OCR technology to convert scanned text into editable text. It takes a minute to get used to the interface, but for free scanning apps CamScanner is top notch.

11. Text band

If you find yourself typing the same phrase or information over and over, Texpand can reduce typing time and increase efficiency. Just create shortcuts for commonly used phrases and insert them in their place. The program completes the whole sentence and makes your text messages, emails and other business communications faster and without errors.

This app is free up to 10 sentences. It costs $ 6.99 if you need more.

12. Travel

Business trips can be confusing, but TripI makes them less stressful. Forward your travel confirmation emails to TripIt and this app creates an integrated itinerary for you, alerts you when to leave, sends your itinerary to people who need to know, notifies you that Provides maps of airport, terminal, and more near your hotel. . TripIt Pro is free up to $49 per year in a free trial. TripIt Pro has additional features such as search for alternative flights, real-time notifications for delays and cancellations, and a reward program tracker.

13. Miles IQ

With MileIQ, you can stop manually tracking the mileage your business drives. It automatically tracks and logs your miles, so you just need to export the log at the end of tax hour. It also uses the current IRS return rate, so you know how much you need to amortize. You can set it to track miles only on specific days and times so that your personal rides don’t match up with your company’s miles, or select individual rides and assign them to work or personal. You can also set it up to pay for miles for your employees and for employee tracking purposes.

The app is free for 40 moving companies per month. After that, the unit cost is $6 per month or $60 per year. For teams, plans start at $50 per rider per year.

14. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer makes it easy to find, store and transfer files not only on mobile devices, but also on Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and other cloud-based storage devices. It can also create encrypted ZIP files and extract ZIP and other compressed files and archives. Solid Explorer classifies all files by type and allows you to move, copy and delete files.

This app is free for 14 days. After that it costs $3.

Benefits of accessing business apps from mobile devices

Mobile devices allow you to stay connected to your business from anywhere.

  • work abroad
  • At the customer
  • Visit one of your business locations
  • Business trip
  • Sale at the event

These programs provide comfort and peace of mind if you forget to send the file or need the data to leave the office and make important decisions. Mobile access to business information can also answer inspiring customer questions and improve customer service.

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