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Best Google Alerts Alternatives

Best Google Alerts Alternatives

If Google Alerts doesn’t return the results you want, there are alternative services that can track your online activity.

  • Google Alerts offers personalized content and notifications, but not everyone appreciates its user interface and features.
  • Google alerts options include Talkwalker, Mention, Meltwater, Sprout Social, and Avario alerts.
  • Google Alerts options range from free tools to enterprise-grade analytics platforms.
  • This article is for business owners and marketers who are looking for an alternative to Google Alerts.– Google Alerts is a great tool for when you need a steady stream of carefully selected content that meets the needs of your industry and business. However, many users are not in favor of tool design and performance.

If Google Alerts does not meet your organization’s needs, you have other options. This section briefly describes the features of Google Alerts and the top competitors for content monitoring.

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alert allows users to create customized searches based on specific words or phrases. Google then sends a notification each time it finds the search term in the new results.

Anyone with a Google Account can create a Google Alert for any term or topic. The Google Alerts service is particularly useful for informing users about company stock prices, product announcements or press releases.

If you want up-to-date information on a specific topic, market niche, or even an entire industry, you can create a Google alert and set it up for any frequency. For example, you can request daily reports or hourly updates. There is also the possibility of sending the actual notifications in Google Alert. So Google can update in a particular event as it happens.

This tool is also ideal for monitoring social media, and evaluating social media marketing to monitor carefully for competition and monitor your marketing novel.

While Google Alert is a competent tool, but other content monitoring options can be more convenient for your needs. We will highlight five Google alert options.

Talcwandler alarm

With Talkwandler alerts, you can monitor the Internet for new content where your name or brand is monitored, the name of your competitors or another related business. Find mentions on websites, forums, blogs and twitter and send them straight to your inbox with a relevant email.

To narrow down your notifications, you can use the tool’s intuitive filtering options to only show the formats that are most relevant to you and your business. Talkwalker uses Boolean operators to provide a high level of customization. This free service offers the simplicity of the original Google Alerts, but offers many more features and customization options.


Mentions is a powerful option for reviewing media mentions. It provides advanced tools like real-time activity monitoring, access to statistics and reports. One of the most useful features is the app’s ability to respond to social media notifications. You can demonstrate and react instantly without jumping over extra hoops.

Mention allows businesses to monitor keywords from multiple sources, including all social media sites, blogs, forums, and other web properties. Notifications can be sent as weekly or daily email digests or via real-time push notifications. Access Mention from a web platform for PC, Mac or Linux. You can also download the Mention app for iOS or get the Mention app for Android.

Mention offers a free plan with limited features, so you can try the service and see if it helps your business. There are also individual plans designed for individuals and entrepreneurs starting at $ 29 per month. If you want to monitor the competition and receive additional alerts, check out the $ 99 / month Pro plan or the $ 199 / month ProPlus plan. Mention also offers a custom option that is ideal for larger companies or agencies.

Melt the water

Meltwater is a powerful business monitoring tool. The company uses an advanced AI-based interface to deliver deeper results that offer a higher level of accurate analysis while reducing background noise of irrelevant data.

You can easily check your data through the web interface or the mobile app, which provides smart notifications to keep you informed as the story develops. Download the Meltwater iOS mobile app or the Meltwater Android app. Meltwater interface is comprehensive and visually appealing. Prices vary due to the high degree of customization. The company makes offers based on your company needs and the level of performance and customization required by your business.

Social scion

Sprout Social is a powerful option that specializes in listening to social media, but also includes tools for searching the web for news and mentioning your brand. In fact, Sprout Social easily integrates with your existing social media platforms. It provides actionable business intelligence that guides conversations across the organization.

Sprout offers feature-rich Standard ($ 89), Professional ($ 149), and Advanced ($ 249) packages. We also offer a free trial.


With a great suite of lead generation capabilities, Awario is another great listening platform that provides important insights into the industry while always keeping track of what people are saying about your business.

Awario advertises that it can monitor conversations “in every language, everywhere” and provide comprehensive snapshots of global trends. Pricing ranges from $24 per month up to $249 for additional enterprise features.

Choosing a content monitoring service

If you’re looking for a simple solution reminiscent of traditional Google Alerts, you might want to try Talkwalker Alerts. The service is free and has a basic design that is easy to use while offering more options than Google Alerts.

For business users who need more detailed analysis or advanced customization, check out Mention and Meltwater products. If you want to integrate your content monitoring tools with your social media platform, or if you want to monitor your brand and build customer loyalty, consider Sprout Social. If your goal is to generate leads and grow your email marketing contact list, consider Awario.

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