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How to Use Google Business Profile to Improve Your Online Presence

How to Use Google Business Profile to Improve Your Online Presence

Maintaining your company’s relevance being visible on Google is crucial for potential customers to locate your business. Make sure you are in control of the online visibility of your business by logging to Google Business Profile.

  • Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is an absolutely free service that allows businesses to set up an online profile that includes their address along with contact details, as well as reviews from customers.
  • A fully filled-out Google Business Profile makes it easier for potential customers to find your company and gives credibility to your company’s image.
  • When creating your Google Business Profile, you must always respond to customer reviews, both positive and negative . This will allow you to thank your customers’ loyalty and address any concerns or issues.
  • This post is designed for small business owners who want to set up and running an Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile is a service for free that all small-scale business owners should be aware of and make use of. With the use of your Google Business Profile, you control the information you display for your company across all Google’s services, including Google reviews as well as Google Maps. If you alter a bit of information in the Google Business Profile, like your hours or your location the information will be updated automatically all over the world. The need for consistency is vital for SMBs particularly in the age of online search.– If potential customers see contradicting information about a company’s online presence they are prone to believe that the business that they are looking at is unorganized or unprofessional. However, it is possible to stay clear of falling into this trap by making use of tools such as that of the Google Business Profile. Here’s how you can get started.

Benefits of the use of Google Business Profile

Google is without doubt the top search engine with an estimated 5.4 billion searches per day, and a market share of 92. It’s very likely that your ideal customer is using Google or perhaps seeking out the products and services you offer. In reality, according to GO-Gulf almost half percent of Google searches (46 percent) are local-focused including phrases such as “near my home” or an area or city after the search phrase.

When it comes to online marketing, having a presence on Google is like being invisibly. By having a claim on and managing Your Google Business Profile, your company can:

  • Make it clear to potential customers that you’re there.
  • Credibility and trustworthiness of the Garner.
  • Let potential customers know about your services or offer.
  • Inform potential customers about the location of your business and how to reach you.
  • List the days and hours your business is open.
  • Tell potential customers what your the past and present customers feel about your company.
  • Let them know what else you’d like to share with them.
  • Create visitors to your site.

How do you claim and verify your company’s

The first step is to register your business. You can sign-in with your account you already have on your Google account or make new accounts to accomplish this. Your business’ address doesn’t have to be physically located which customers can visit. even if you operate from your home or have a facility that you don’t want your customers to go to, you can select “no address.” That means your listing won’t show your address, and you will not appear on Google Maps.

The first thing to complete or confirm is the necessary details, like address, hours, web site contact number and contact information. Make sure you are as precise as you can as these details will be displayed on Google’s Maps listing.

The next process is to have your company checked by Google. It is a fairly fast process by which Google can verify the legitimacy of your company. It is typically done with an phone call, however, it is also possible to do it through an activated by email as well as a postal mailer. After you’ve completed the process you will see an icon of blue on your list so that everyone can see that it’s authentic.

Utilizing Google Business Profile, you can access the Google Business Profile dashboard

In addition to the ability to manage your company’s information and data, you’ll need to make use of the other features that are beneficial in Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile dashboard.


The information section lets you provide the basic information about your company, like the name of your business address, telephone number, address and operating hours. In the event that any of those changes in any way, whether temporarily or permanently it’s a good idea to make changes there. Google will typically send you an email with a reminder to remind you to updating your holidays hours.

In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic Google included a space to inform your customers of security measures you’re taking for your business to keep employees and customers secure and also to set limitations, like offering only curbside delivery or only takeaway.


In the Dashboard, you are able to browse images that others have uploaded on behalf of your business and upload your own. Customers who are considering purchasing your product, especially those who are millennials, will want to see photos of your business, which includes images of your products that are high-quality (or images that relate to your products or services) or images of your location (including VR tours that are 360 degrees) and your company’s logo. Visual elements like these can assist new customers in towards your business.

Services and products

These two sections on the dashboard offer you the chance to talk to prospective customers what you are selling and how your services or products better. When you launch any new service or product or cease selling one, you should update this section. If your company has a schedule for appointments it is possible to include a URL to book appointments in the section.

Text messages and calls

Google is able to track messages and calls sent to your business via Google. This will give you more information about potential customers, allowing you to monitor your lead generation via Google and contact anyone who was not able to get through to someone but has not yet.

The call feature displays missed calls according to day of week and at what time of the day, so you can be sure to answer the phones even during peak times. Messengers lets prospects contact you directly via the Google search results or through Google Maps.


Google Business Profile’s simple and flexible analytics dashboard is known as Insights. Insights lets you discover the way people are finding your company and gain a better knowledge of the people you’re reaching and who you’re not. In addition, it shows how many people came across you through searches on the name of your business versus looking for your service or product.


Google Posts are fantastic to inform customers about new promotions and advertising the things your business excels at. Promoting sales and discounts along with seasonal events and specials is a fantastic way to gain new customers. If people search for your business on Google they’ll also look up your most recent posts therefore a captivating headline is crucial.


A very essential features to Google Business Profile is the reviews section. The reviews area is where you will be able to read reviews from customers about your company and then respond to these reviews.

While you might think you should only respond to negative reviews in order to present your review, it’s actually recommended that you reply to negative and positive reviewers to express your appreciation for positive reviews and attempt to fix the issues identified by bad reviews. Customers who write a negative review, and then have their problem resolved, can then edit their review to improve it. As this is a vital element of your online image and management, we’ll go over how to manage your Google reviews in greater detail in the next section.

Other functions

Google Business Profile includes additional capabilities, like the possibility of adding users (like an employee of a marketing firm or a marketing agency) Create an Google website for your company or create a custom Gmail service for your company and advertise on Google.

How do you control Google review for the benefit of your company

Reviews from customers are an integral element of any company; however, a lot of SMB owners aren’t properly prepared on managing and responding to negative reviews. The issue is so common that Google offers suggestions to users of businesses however, we do have several suggestions to the list.

  • Apologizing is acceptable however, arguing about it is not. If someone has an unpleasant experience even if it’s your opinion that they’re flimsily describing what happened or even lying about it and denying the facts, it’s not an ideal idea to debate or justify why they’re incorrect. Keep in mind that your aim isn’t changing the mind that one reviewer is angry, it’s to convey the kind of business person you are to any prospective viewer who comes across your message. It’s a big distasteful and an enormous warning sign when an owner of a business appears defensive on the internet. Instead, you can apologize for the bad impression and be sure to declare your intention to be more effectively in the coming years.
  • Offer to correct the issue. Even if the reviewer doesn’t accept your request to correct the problem this also shows others Google clients that you are concerned about your clients and offer exceptional customer service.
  • The key is speed and so is the coherence. If you’re going to respond to online reviews create a set of guidelines for responding to reviews. Who from your company will be responding and at what time? Establishing a week-long time for responding to queries and feedback is a good procedure. It is also important to keep your responses to inquiries and reviews short. Even if your tone is kind and calm but a lengthy multi-paragraph answer will be read as somewhat smug and defensive.
  • Make sure to be sure to say “thank you. ” Many business owners fail to express their gratitude to their loyal customers, but they write long replies to reviewers who have negative reviews. The public notices that. If someone has left a thoughtful review, you can write a quick “thank thank you!”
  • Pay attention to repeated critics who have repeatedly criticized you. The biggest mistake that business owners make with regards with online review is to take the positive feedback and dismissing any negative feedback. It really is irrelevant if you don’t agree or don’t recognize the issue your own, if several reviews say that your staff is rude, your costs are excessive and your service isn’t satisfactory or other than negative, you should pay attention. Reviews on the internet are like an informal focus group for free, and you’re able to either put your head in the sand at first hint of something that is important or make improvements to your company’s performance by listening to and taking action.

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