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Super Bowl Fever: Should the Day After Be a National Holiday?

Super Bowl Fever Should the Day After Be a National Holiday

The absence of records has revived the longstanding debate over whether the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

  • The day after Super Bowl Sunday, many companies are facing a staff shortage as the sick call it.
  • The day after Super Bowl 55 in 2021, about 16.5 million Americans quit their jobs, of which only 10.5 million had already requested a vacation.
  • Some argue that the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday to avoid the absence of staff.
  • This article is aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs who predict that workers will get sick after the Super Bowl.– I think many employees have to take a break from work one day after Sunday on the Bouncy Ball as a holiday. Last year, about 16.1 million Americans worked the day after the Bouncy Ball, and at least 10.5 million workers booked their vacations in advance. If Super Bowl 56 is comparable to last year, some 6 million employees will be unexpectedly absent the next day, causing major problems for managers.

Employees and managers absent without notice after the end of the Super Bowl

All in all, one in ten employees predicted that the Tampa Bay Baconiers would beat the Kansas City Chief in Super Bowl 55 shortly after Super Bowl Sunday 2021. Last year’s NFL Championship game. Even authoritarians often skip school after the Super Bowl. An estimated 29% of those who identify themselves as managers or bosses who have the authority to approve vacations say they missed work the next day.

Workers usually miss the day after the Super Bowl because of fatigue, nausea, and a hangover. In a survey of “Super Bowl 55 Feversideline Employees” commissioned by the Kronos Labor Institute, about 40% of respondents said the main reason for getting sick the next day was fatigue from staying up late to watch the game. . I said it is. In addition, 34% of people over 21 overestimated drinking too much as a leading cause of unplanned absenteeism. “Both staff and chiefs continue to drink and play the day after the big game,” Joyce Maroney, founder of the Kronos Workforce Institute, said in a statement released with the study. “But many young employees say they are more concerned about Monday than any other Monday of the year.

“Organizations that are transparent with employee needs are considering innovative scheduling solutions that help employees coordinate scale with colleagues, play games and other major cultural events to deliver better business outcomes throughout the year,” added Maloney, an organization that plans related engagement promotion activities.

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Border Day Debate

In the past, more employees were absent the day after the bouncy ball. In 2020, about 17.5 million employees were absent from work on Monday and employers lost about $4 billion due to reduced productivity, according to a study by the Workforce Institute. That record absence may have reignited the long-running argument that the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. In fact, two out of five employees surveyed said they would rather work Black Friday than the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Online petitions to make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday have been around for years. Texas Representative Art Fierro even proposed a bill announcing a public holiday. However, despite pressure from fans and media personalities, there was no significant pressure at the federal level to turn the day into a national leisure holiday.

How to hire your staff on Monday after the Super Bowl

For offices and other environments where employee presence is essential for productivity, employers can provide incentives for their employees to attend the day after the Super Bowl.

  • Free lunch: The old adage that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” may be true if you use it as an incentive for employees to come to work. Everyone loves a free meal, and a hearty lunch for staff coming to the office after the Super Bowl is a great way to get people back on track. Not only does not receive free lunch staff with colleagues (and you can get to the northeast of popular cuisine and innocent offers such as sports day food), they also receive the main features of the game and discuss.
  • Partial sessions: There is a possibility to accept employees, if they should not be fully meditated during the day, so before the super bowl, there is no less session or no session. Employees feel less pressure for “having” and remember work as employees, they will not miss the least necessary information.
  • Super Bowl Party: Make part of your work experience to Super Bowl. If your team works on the weekend, consider the Super Bowl after Sunday, so weekend workers can enjoy the game. If your team doesn’t work on the weekend but expects it to be Monday, designate that day as “Super Bowl Monday” and loosen the dress code so employees can wear business casual clothes or a T-shirt and jeans. Either way, fill your conference or meeting room with drinks and snacks, play the game or head to the recommended pier and get your employees back to work after an exciting national event.

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