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Want to Join the Gig Economy? 15 Companies Hiring Freelancers

Want to Join the Gig Economy 15 Companies Hiring Freelancers

Find a place to rent based on a contract.

  • Approximately 2 in 5 Americans are independent, perhaps because of freedom and major flexibility compared to traditional full-time work.
  • Among the companies offered the most independent functions in 2021, many employees or professional service providers were.
  • Required independent solid plan, business mentality and good use of your network. The independent employment requires all of the above, in addition to the intelligent use of front tools and background controls.
  • The purpose of this article is for people who are freelancers, current freelancers looking for more work and entrepreneurs interested in hiring freelancers.– The way people work is changing. It is no longer common for employees to spend their entire careers in one company. In the not-too-distant future, even a full-time job could become a thing of the past.

Many employees have avoided the structural constraints of Office 9 to 5 and the Office of Physics in favor of independent contractors, also known as freelancers and entrepreneurs. It absorbs flexibility and independence, but liberalization works hard, but it is a large day production to increase the earth of the earth and your reputation. There are several recommendations for free free and successful ways.

How did the freezer changed over time?

According to a free translation union, it is beginning to choose to choose 60% of free free translation of the United States.

In 2019, the upload and freelancer selected the same free feeling combination. Two groups have not yet posted recent data, but other agencies posted 2020 free data. They found that 59 million Americans were freelancers in 2020, up from 53 million in 2014. This is 149.8 million people, or 39.4% of the total workforce in 2020.

Why choose a full-time freelance job?

Freelancers offer freedom and flexibility, and many workers choose this lifestyle over traditional full-time jobs. Nick Diolio, a freelance journalist and associate professor of journalism at Rowan University, initially believed that freelance work could be the gap between full-time jobs. “It started out as a way out of my unhappy toxic job,” DiUlio told Business News Daily. “I liked the flexibility and versatility. A year later, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.”

Companies hiring freelancers

Regardless of your skills, it’s important to be aware of market demand to run your freelance business smoothly. Here are the 15 best companies hiring freelancers in 2021, according to a FlexJobs study:

  1. Robert Half International: Recruiting Services
  2. Kforce: professional solutions in technology, finance and accounting
  3. Kelly: Recruiting Services
  4. Accounting Manager: Services for Accounting and Financial Staff
  5. Ajilon: Workforce Services
  6. Randstad: Human Resource Recruitment and Services
  7. CyraCom: medical linguistic interpreting services
  8. Collaborate: Technical Services
  9. Bilingual therapy: educational services for the workforce
  10. Planet Group: Professional Services
  11. Profit factory: education and consulting services
  12. Hiring of movement: services for the workforce
  13. Welocalize: Translation and localization
  14. Insurance: professional services
  15. Solomon’s Page: Labor Services

Tips for running your business

Here are tips from some freelancers and other professionals for solo work.

1. Create a plan.

DiUlio recommends planning and researching before looking for a freelance job.

“We need to know [freelance] in our business plans and get close to it,” Diorio said. “Unlike printing, which takes 30, 60, or 90 days, payment rotation is fast, so web-based writing is a little easier.”

He added that your salary structure, including the amount and timing you will get paid, is an important part of your freelance career plan.

2. See yourself as a business.

Ryan Johnson, category head at Upwork, encourages you to see yourself as a company. “Build a personal brand and budget to promote yourself.”

It is also important to develop skills that are in high demand. “Also, take the time to refresh existing skills and add new ones,” Johnson said. “Companies are looking to freelance marketplaces to access skills their in-house teams don’t have. It is better to keep up to date with new trends.”

3. Rely on the network.

It’s important to stay in touch and make new connections, said Michael Parker, vice president of collaboration at Networking is especially important in helping freelancers become potential clients. “Participate an event in your industry that interests you,” says Parker. “Go to other events and network with potential customers and sources.” [Read related article: How to find the right networking event for you]

4. Just get started.

What’s the best way to get started when you’re ready? Maybe do it with your full time position. “As soon as you configure [profile online] and your first project land, you can show your work, get a customer review and start making your online call,” Johnson said. “You must show your profile as an innovative and better version of a CV because proving your work.”

Whether you’re doing a free professional or used as a part-time platform, recognize your value and don’t work for free.

Dulio said: “For your work, anything, you deserve to be paid.”

For Entrepreneurs: How to find the right player

If you are an entrepreneur as an entrepreneur, you can record through jobs. This is a great route to find part-time staff and full-time looking for job boards like LinkedIn, to find its main concerts. Freelancers are less likely to use these spaces to find work because they are not interested in working a set number of hours per week. Although you can post entries to these sites, there are better options.

Online freelance marketplaces may be your best bet for finding the right fit. These sites include, Fiverr, and FlexJobs. Make sure your job postings follow job description best practices before posting – freelancers search for many of the same job postings as full-time and part-time employees. Industry websites and word of mouth can also be helpful, and you can simply poll people in your network.

Whichever path you choose, the first thing you need to do is decide exactly what a freelancer can do for you and how much you can pay. Use one of the best background check services like GoodHire to craft a strategy to get rid of resume overflow and weed out potential freelancers. (See GoodHire’s report for details.) The perfect freelancer for your business is right there.

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