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10 Best Apps for Remote Business Collaboration

10 Best Apps for Remote Business Collaboration

Do you need better tools for collaboration in your group? These eight apps can help.

  • Since more people are working at home during the coronavirus epidemic, there is a growing need for collaboration apps. These tools enable teams to collaborate regardless of where they’re in the world.
  • Slack is among the top productivity apps that can be used by remote employees. Users can chat, text and video call one another while working on their projects.
  • Other applications to think about when working remotely include G Suite, Uber Conference, Google Drive, Zoom, DropBox and more.– The rise of remote workers, as well as the centralization of businesses generally has forever changed how businesspeople work. This has led to the demand for software that help communicate, whether across the globe or across the town. In the end, the market is filled with options that can make all kinds of communications from conferences to planning projects to video chat and managing your bookkeeping easier. The trick is to narrow down the options to those you’ll use in the real world.


Slack is a text, video and audio chat application that is loved by small-scale business owners who have been around for a while as well as major corporations and novice entrepreneurs alike. Within Slack users are able to establish different channels which other users can access to, and invite temporary employees (like contractors or freelancers) to join the chat. There’s a free version available of Slack that you can test without commitment, as well as an paid version available in 2 levels ($6.67 per user per month, or $12.50 per user each month).

G Suite

Although it’s not as powerful as Microsoft Office is, the G Suite is a great alternative for small-scale businesses who don’t wish to spend money on Microsoft products, but need to collaborate and communicate. Google Docs Sheets, Drive and Calendar and Hangouts (for messaging through video or text) are extremely productive collaboration tools and productivity tools and are especially useful when you consider they’re all completely free.

Uber Conference

The tool for collaboration isn’t as well-known as its competitors, however it’s worth mentioning because it has a unique feature which is especially useful for SMBs that have international clients and partners. UberConference lets UberConference it is possible to hold conference calls with no mandatory PIN or internet access. The service can be used at no cost with the possibility of up to 10 people at any one time, but you can also purchase a $10-per-month monthly, per-user membership that gives more advanced features (like customized call-in numbers)


To sync files, particularly for a workforce spread out across the globe which isn’t necessarily all running the same operating system or software, Dropbox is an excellent tool. Prices start at $10 per month for each terabyte space. The simple design is simple to use, allowing teams to share and access information, look over things, take notes, and remain well-organized.


If your company already utilizes Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, then using OneNote is an easy choice to collaborate. OneNote users can share their notes across various devices Share notes, add notes to them, restrict access to notebooks in different notebooks and even perform some basic project management using OneNote. In addition, because it’s an official Microsoft product, it’s completely compatible with the rest software (including Excel).


Zoom is the preferred application for video conference. It is extremely user-friendly and has simple control options that don’t require an extensive learning curve. There are free options for individuals with smaller teams, however, conference call durations are restricted. Paid plans are inexpensive and offer unlimited call duration and be incorporated into your team meetings on a regular basis. Zoom is now surpassing its popularity Skype for video calls.


Digital design teams that collaborate are able to collaborate using InVision. Throughout the design process group members can gather and communicate progress using InVision. The feedback from the team members is tracked by InVision, and it also provides the ability to remotely access a whiteboard tool. The whiteboard feature lets you to share your plans in real time and provide designs to other members of your team.


Trello is among the top tools for project management that can be used for remote collaboration. The boards on Trello can be customized to meet the specific needs of your team requirements. It is possible to create a board to facilitate projects with multiple people or you can make a one for each division of your business. For example, the project boards could include Blog planning as well as Project Launches or Customer Service Team and Marketing Staff. In Trello, you can set up tasks and keep track of the progress. Trello functions as a digital to-do-list and helps keep everyone on the right track to achieve corporate goals.

Google Drive and Docs

Google Drive has become an essential resource to work on projects with others via remote. If you’ve got a huge quantity of content that you can share, you’ll find that Google Drive makes it easy to keep everyone informed through sharing file access. Google Drive is simple to access from any location. Google has even enabled an offline mode to give access to your files even when you’re not connected. Google Drive also provides seamlessly unlimited storage capacity. Users can control access to their files and can share it with colleagues who require to edit the files within Google Docs.


Dashlane is now the must-have application for remote workers that need to work with colleagues. The storage of passwords in spreadsheets like an Excel spreadsheet has become no longer to be safe for projects that are team-based. Dashlane is an account manager for passwords, and permits you to store and share data so that it is easy and safe for your team to access the tools they require. Dashlane offers both paid and free versions of the service dependent on the amount of storage space is needed.

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