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CEO of Cuts Clothing on Managing a Remote Team

CEO of Cuts Clothing on Managing a Remote Team– Remote working is becoming commonplace today, with many companies adopting a work from home arrangement and hiring employees around the world. While this is a win-win deal, it can take some time to adjust as a manager.

Steven Borrelli, founder and CEO of Cuts Clothing, shared his story of hiring and managing a remote team. If you are considering doing the same, or just want to learn how to manage any remote workers you may have, here’s what you need to know.

Start a remote brand

Borrelli was working in an advertising agency when he realized there was a market opportunity for superior quality men’s t-shirts that could serve multiple purposes. “The premise behind Cuts is that it’s a jersey for the modern man who is always on the go,” said Borrelli. “He Can be worn in many different situations, from work, to meetings in the city, to an evening date, while remaining comfortable and elegant.”

Borrelli added that he wanted to hire a team that reflected the same qualities: flexible, agile, high quality and fast. To do this, he needed to create a remote working environment.

“Fifty years ago, a remote workforce like the one you see today wouldn’t have been possible,” he said. “Thanks to technology, you can now work from anywhere in the world, which is a powerful thing that is unique to this generation of entrepreneurs and employees … You can build an entire corporate culture around this concept, which we are proud of. having done with cuts “.

Advantages of a remote team

You have a diverse group of employees.

Since you are not limited to a specific region, you have multiple candidates to choose from when hiring. This is an opportunity to create diversity by attracting employees from various locations who lead different lifestyles.

“When you have team members in different states and on different coasts, you have access to a different perspective on everything from your product to what’s happening in the news,” said Borrelli. “You also have a different view of regional trends and events that you might not otherwise know.”

For example, if there is an industry-related event taking place across the country, you may not be aware of it or be unable to attend. However, having workers in multiple cities can increase your brand engagement.

You can grow fast.

Instead of spending money on an office, you can spend it on hiring more workers. Plus, since it’s open to applicants from multiple regions, you’ll find new hires easily.

“One of the main benefits is the ability to grow rapidly,” said Borrelli. “Without the high overhead of physical office space, you save money that you can reinvest in your product and equipment. As a startup, this allows you to compete with the big brands. ”

Attract the best talent.

According to Borrelli, offering remote work gives employees more time to pursue side activities or creative passions. This attracts a much larger pool of candidates, allowing you to hire only the best talent.

Tips for managing a remote team

To communicate.

Since you won’t be seeing your employees every day, you’ll need to establish great communication. Schedule video calls for meetings, use messaging platforms for daily chats, email projects to your team, make phone calls for check-in, etc.

“One of the main challenges of managing a remote team is making sure you always communicate standards and expectations clearly,” said Borrelli. “If you’re not clear about what you expect from a job or project, that employee can’t read your mind from three states away to know what you need from them.”

Borrelli uses calls, emails, text messages and Slack to better communicate and collaborate with his team.

Be flexible.

Borrelli noted that managing employees across multiple time zones requires flexibility, even if that means getting up early or working late to fit in. These sacrifices will help you become a better leader and help your employees feel part of the team, even hundreds of miles away.

Change your routine.

Don’t just work from home every day. Combine that by going to your local café or coworking space and planning trips to meet employees from around the country.

“Cus has a WeWork office, but I think it’s important to change your routine for creative purposes,” said Borrelli. “I work in different coffee shops or from my phone if I’m traveling, and this allows me to see my work from a different perspective.”

If you’re not feeling inspired, it’s a good sign that you need a change. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your routine and encourage your workers to do the same.

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