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How to Run a Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign

How to Run a Successful Text Message Marketing Campaign

Learn how to conduct an effective SMS marketing campaigns for your small-sized business.

  • Marketing through text messages has a more individual feel than many other types of marketing and can assist businesses gain momentum.
  • SMS messages should be part of an organized, effective marketing campaign.
  • Text marketing is a process of mass text messages that are sent out to leads who are qualified.
  • This post is written for small-sized business owners thinking of starting a text message advertising campaign.– People are constantly bombarded with notifications from social networks, families, friends, and even brands. Because of this some people block alerts for email and different social platforms. If you are looking to promote in real-time, then you must send text messages. But, to be successful with an SMS marketing campaign that relies on text messages for marketing as the main method of reaching customers already in the market the campaign must be legally enforceable and well-organized, and should offer a traceable, reliable lead.

“Because texts are visible on mobile phones of people and are much more individual than the other forms or forms of advertising” stated Luke Wilson Chief Revenue Officer at EZ Texting. “Texting lets businesses do some of the same things that traditional media do … with out needing to invest in additional equipment, workers, printing or media purchase.”

Marketing via text messages isn’t suitable for everyone, however companies who utilize it should ensure that their messages are informative and relevant, not annoying and spammy (or even worse even illegal). It’s simple to overstep the mark and make people turn off by your messages. Here’s how to integrate texting to your marketing strategies for online, without irritating your customers.

What is text message marketing?

SMS marketing is the process of distributing business news or sales, promotions, or other pertinent information to your clients via text messages. SMS (short messages) text messages that they receive on their mobile phones. It’s a kind of marketing technique that is digital that can help to build brand awareness on a deeper level. Customers must sign up to your marketing messages prior to when you start sending messages to them.

You can send mass communications to groups audience segments or customers and customize your experience through sending personalized messages. This technique lets you avoid other advertising noises – advertising on social media, email marketing campaigns and so on. This allows you to send messages directly to phones of customers.

How does marketing through text messages function?

Text message marketing is based on a database comprised of the names of your customers and cell phone numbers as well as other data (geographic regions, categories of customers and customer preferences) that allows you to track the process of selling.

Text messages marketing are targeted at the right segment of the population.

In any type of marketing it is the more information you have in your possession and the more precise your segments of customers are more specific, the more effective. Similar to the way Facebook ads target individuals within a particular location, by age and by their interests The best marketing via text messages is targeted and tailored to an audience that is specifically targeted.

With text message marketing, you’re being as precise as you can and interacting with your customers right wherever they are, via their mobile phones. Through the way you communicate advertising messages a specific target audience, you’ll be able to build stronger relationships with your customers and interact with leads who are qualified.

Marketing messages via text are part of a wider marketing campaign.

As marketer, the single most important thing to keep in mind regarding all digital marketing (i.e. marketing that relies on technology and digital methods to connect with customers on mobile devices, in contrast to printed material) is the fact that this must form part of the overall marketing plan. It is not advisable for a company to begin SMS marketing without a strategy on how to integrate it to attract new customers.

Text messaging isn’t the best option for every situation in marketing. Yoni Ben-Yehuda is the head for business development of Material Good recommends that marketers utilize it for things like the status of delivery and a follow-up message after you install a particular mobile application or software, a receipt for purchase or a special discount. Text message marketing is efficient for companies with an audience who prefer this method of communication.

“A text is more intimate than an email. Therefore, when you’re trying to contact a user but they’ve not heard of you … you’re likely to be viewed as spam,” said Ben-Yehuda. “When the brand’s name recognition is present in the person who is familiar with your business or product, providing the user content through text could be beneficial.”

Marketing channels for mobile devices, such as social media, SMS email, as well as other types of marketing are all meant to complement and complement each other, aiding your company’s overall mobile marketing strategy.

Do I configure text-based advertising?

Marketing via text messages is an efficient and distinctive way to keep in contact with your current customers however, only when you’re doing it properly. The first step is to secure the legal authority to send messages to customers by text messages, or else you could get in trouble with Federal Communications Commission regulations.

If you’ve obtained the customer’s consent, make sure that your messages are in line with your the right track and are valuable to them instead of irritating or annoying. If you adhere to these guidelines the SMS campaign you launch will help build trust in your company and keep your product and services in the forefront for your clients.

A few companies set up their own database of text message marketing to send out bulk messages, and sometimes, relying on a third-party provider like Twilio to send the messages. Of obviously, a small company or startup could use SMS marketing to promote their own strategy and also by sending out group text messages.

Many businesses work with an SMS text messaging service like Twilio, TrueDialog, Trumpia, or SimpleTexting to manage some aspects of databases, legal concerns and even actual text message transmissions. They can offer an estimate for bulk text messaging campaigns as well as marketing via text messages based on your customer’s demographic and.

Furthermore, SMS marketing applications such as EZ Texting and Braze offer more features beyond simple data collecting and sending. This type of automation for marketing to build campaigns and monitor its effectiveness.

Who oversees SMS marketing via text messages?

The Federal Communications Commission

Before sending any messages via text to customers it is important to know the FCC’s stringent guidelines regarding the transmission of messages and the consent of customers. The most important thing to remember is that marketing via text messages is not something you can set up by accident and send spam to customers who are about to be.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The TCPA safeguards customers from text messages that are mass-marketed and is extremely specific on how you can send out bulk text messages. It is essential to get written permission from each client..

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association

The CTIA is a trade organization which offers guidelines and advice regarding marketing via text messages However, you won’t have the same legal guidelines like you do with the FCC as well as the TCPA.

Text message marketing best practices

Are you ready to launch your first marketing campaign via text message? Here are some top practices to follow to ensure the best results.

You must be granted permission.

Marketing through text messages has developed throughout the time. In the beginning text messages were used to harass people was considered to be morally unsound however some companies were doing it regardless.

Today, as per FCC regulations, it’s illegal to do this unless you have express consent. The days of buying an enormous database of phone numbers and then sending out text messages are over. Actually, it could be in violation of FCC regulations that could lead to the possibility of a substantial fine and additional penalties.

For email marketing, it is essential to obtain the explicit consent of customers before you send texts to them. In addition, you’ll be sending messages to a target audience who would like this kind of advertising, but you’ll also keep out of the way those who do not.

“Only make use of text messages for marketing purposes when the prospective or existing customer client has signed up and has provided the number of their phone,” said Ben-Yehuda. “If you reach out to users without asking you possibility of losing their trust and having them unsubscribe your emails.”

Wilson recommended making use of a keyword-based campaign to build your list so that customers can send a certain word an unicode and opt into deals, alerts and other. For instance, he suggested it is best to ask users to “text TRY to 858585 in order to receive an example,” with TRY being the keyword , and 858585 being the code.

Keep your text short and straight to the main point.

The messages you send to contact should be short and simple, but easy. If you send out a lot of lengthy messages, the recipients aren’t interested in reading them and may choose not to receive messages in the future.

In addition, SMS messaging comes with the limitation of 160 characters. Therefore, it’s a good idea to catch the attention of your customers, relay your message to them and then close with an CTA and all in just 160 words or less. For instance, when you inform customers about coupons for mobile make sure to grab their attention with a captivating greeting, then provide details about coupons, and explain how to access the coupons – there’s no need for any additional information.

Do not bombard users with messages.

Although it’s tempting to send every bit of news or information relevant to your business Don’t go overboard with your marketing efforts via SMS. People can’t ignore text messages just like they might be a billboard or a social media ads. If they are bombarded with an stream in messages from you company They’ll choose to opt-out.

Instead, develop your own text message advertising campaign, scheduling text messages only when they are needed and restricting the amount of texts you send to a particular (appropriate) number of clients.

Value add.

No matter what information you send via your marketing text messages Above all make sure that it’s pertinent and enhances the customer’s experience when they interact of your business.

“When you’re looking to send out a message to your contacts, think of messages that will be pleasing to the people you’ve contacted,” said Wilson. “Coupons promotions, offers and sneak peeks are popular messages which your subscribers ought to be delighted receiving.”

Joseph Anthony, founder and CEO of the marketing agency geared towards millennials, Hero Collective, stated that smart brands provide customers the same kind of interaction they’re used to from their friends and social networks.

“Providing valuable information, along with promotions, can create an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement,” he said. “Brands should view messaging via text similar to how they approach participating in chats with their friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They should consider how they can be of value without becoming intrusive, and ensure that their offerings are in line to what consumers find from their friends.”

Text messages at the appropriate time.

It is important to ensure that your users aren’t overwhelmed with messages during unsuitable hours or entrapped in a subscription. Be aware of the time you schedule the messages (e.g. in the day, versus in the evening). People may feel that you’re intruding, or even unprofessional, in the event that you send text messages at random times.

Wilson suggests texting during normal business hours , and being clear regarding what customers can be expecting from your service. So, no one will be irritated with the messages you send out and fewer customers will be compelled to respond “STOP.”

Provide an unsubscribe option.

The final thing you should be concerned about is the possibility of your audience opting out of your service Making it simple for customers to unsubscribe will encourage them to sign-up for your emails from the beginning.

Wilson suggests making it easy for users to unsubscribe at any time should they choose to do so. It is possible to offer this option by providing an unsubscribe button for them to click or by responding to your message by stating “STOP.”

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