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Text Message Marketing: Tips, Tools and Services

Text Message Marketing Tips, Tools and Services

Marketing through text messages is an effective way to keep in contact with your customers.

  • Through text message marketing, you are able to reach your customers in real-time.
  • The text messages also have a greater opening rates than emails.
  • You can use SMS campaign to help keep your intended customers connected to your company.
  • This post is intended for marketers and entrepreneurs who are who are interested in using text message marketing to increase leads and attract customers.– Nowadays, consumers are constantly bombarded by advertising, marketing campaigns and messages from companies that they’ve learned to control how they are notified. By using ad blockers and notifications settings, a lot of consumers decide to not receive all marketing communications.

Due to this, text message marketing, often referred to the mobile market (also known as mobile marketing) or (short message service) (short messaging service) marketing is growing in popularity as a method of reaching your audience in real-time and have an almost 100% guarantee of having your messages seen by them.

Similar to marketing via email like email marketing, text message marketing also requires clients and customers to join the service. After they sign up and give you their mobile number, you’ll have the option of sending them text messages regarding what’s happening with your company.

What businesses can do with text message marketing

The most important aspect of marketing via text messages is to consistently engage customers and establish a two-way conversation with the customers. There are three primary options that companies can make use of to boost back-and forth communication.

  • Automated respondersOne among the more frequent options is auto-responses which you can program beforehand so that you don’t need to reply to every customer separately. It is possible to program auto-response emails to only be sent when certain conditions are met, for instance when new customers sign up to receive notifications or when a person is a participant in a survey or when they include specific keywords in their text messages.
  • Polls and surveys:By sending out polls to gauge the needs of consumers or find out what items of food people want to see on your menu or which deals they are looking for text notifications regarding. Surveys are an essential tool for communication in two ways which can help improve your service and marketing offerings.
  • CouponsSending clients coupons can be an effective way to promote businesses to start anew. People are always seeking the best deal and coupons are a great way to bring them to the store and spend money.

The benefits of text messages for marketing

There are many benefits of marketing via text messages.

1. You can interact with your customers in a different method.

Text message marketing offers an exceptional opportunity to connect with your clients on an informal basis, says Leslie Crews, senior content strategist at BPC Content Co. “[Text message marketing] eases the stress of traditional communication, such as email or snail mail, and can help lower the stress that comes with to sales. Customers purchase at your store because they are at ease.”

2. It has the highest open rates.

The typical American uses their mobile at least once every twelve minutes and this results in an almost 98 percent response rate to messages sent via text far more than the 20percent average for email marketing campaigns. Marketing via text messages also reduces the possibility that your messages will be found within the junk mail folder.

3. Marketing messages sent via text are personal.

Marketing that engages customers is the new norm of the hour. People are avoiding traditional methods of marketing and prefer businesses that interact to them on a personal level. And what’s more personal than the text message?

4. This puts yourself in front customers.

The oldest best practice for marketing is to get to where your clients are – and they are using their smartphones in a place where text messages are immediately easily visible.

There’s a fear regarding the possibility that mobile marketing can be invasive but Maria Kiagias, founder of Social Gold, has said that responsibility and prudence are the most important aspects. “It’s the method you employ it that’s the key. Make sure you are aware of your client [and] make sure you don’t misuse the technology.”

How to make use of mobile marketing to your advantage: Do’s and don’ts

To increase the effectiveness of mobile marketing and to continue sending marketing texts You must adhere to some best guidelines.

In the first place, you must obtain written consent from your clients to send them SMS messages (see the following for further information details on the laws that govern SMS marketing).

Then, you must decide on the content you’ll deliver to people who sign up. Be sure to tailor it to both your customers and your company Keep it brief less than 200 words. Since this is a text-based marketing message, it doesn’t need to think about curating graphics or being too clever. It’s all about simplicity.

It is also important to create content that is worthwhile for those who sign up to receive text messages.

“You want your text messaging channel to be a feeling of an elite VIP group for customers” stated David Hamilton who is the director Oppilo Marketing. Oppilo Marketing. “Offer an exclusive opportunity to the latest products and special offers.”

Do not send messages randomly. Be aware of the frequency and duration of your messaging. Use it during office times (Monday through Friday 9 a.m. until five p.m.) as well as not more than two or three times each week.

“Do not pester your customers with emails,” said Bryan Heredia the creator of AstroStork. “If you do that, they’ll end up not bothering your company.”

Marketing of text messages is a violation of the law

It is crucial for every company to obtain permission prior to sending text messages to existing or potential customers. Pizza company Papa John’s found this out in the most difficult way when it was accused of $250 million in damages for sending millions of illegal text messages. In the end, the pizza giant was able to settle the class action lawsuit for $16.5 million.

Businesses must adhere to the rules for marketing via text messages that were enacted in 2012 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2012. According to the law company Perkins Coie, businesses must follow specific guidelines to get customer consent:

  • The prospective recipient needs to complete the consent form either in person or electronically.
  • A consent document must explicitly authorise the company to send customers text messages.
  • The consent form explains that the customer may also receive telephone calls from an automated telephone dialing system , or an artificial voice, or prerecorded voice.
  • The consent form must clearly state that the company does not require a person’s signature. Signing is not a condition for any purchase.

Businesses who violate FCC rules are subject to fines between $500 and 12,500 dollars per request.

How do you choose the best text message marketing service

When selecting the right text message marketing service take a close look at the tools for reporting available to provide you with the information that will help you enhance your marketing campaigns in the future. Be sure to consider how easy the program or service is to use and be sure to have the best customer support available to set up any issues that may arise regarding the service.

Tools for reporting

In addition , the service should be able to send various types of messages – such as auto-responses and surveys, as well as polls, and coupons, the service must have reporting tools that aid in assessing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. These tools allow you to keep track of your conversations with customers, key words in responses, results of polls and the delivery rate.

Easy to use

You’re busy managing your business and other tasks that are essential; the one thing you don’t want to do is a text messaging system with a difficult interface. When you’re considering a service be sure to inquire about its features and usability. Do you require extensive instruction or does it integrate with software like Microsoft Office in ease of use?

Customer support

If a problem with the service develop, having access to experienced customer support agents is essential. The best companies offer support via email, phone or live chat for immediate issues as well as providing online tutorials and videos to assist businesses with smaller problems they may face.

Services for text-based marketing that are recommended

With the many different marketing solutions via text messages for businesses to choose from it can be overwhelming to pick one. The following companies offer excellent options to help you improve your next SMS marketing campaign or assist in the creation of your first campaign.

Easy Texting

EZ Texting is a great alternative due to its simple access and extensive features. The extensive features include SMS automation, data analytics as well as contact management and customisation.


SlickText offers a user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. Opt to try the 14-day no-cost trial. If you’re satisfied and are interested in signing up you can pick among nine pricing plans that are flexible.


With its flexibility and a variety of options, SimpleTexting is a strong option for companies that are looking to control the subsequent SMS promotional campaign. There are eight pricing plans, each with extensive customization and a variety of integrations using an API that makes the sending of messages and engaging customers in one-to-one mode a breeze. SimpleTexting offers the sole text message that is all-in-one service that is available on the market and includes every feature you require.


The user-friendly Textedly is a suitable solution for businesses that are new or marketers brand new to the concept of marketing using text messages. It allows you to run the SMS marketing campaign easy affordable, simple and cost-effective.


Podium is a simple SMS-based marketing tool that has a high ROI. The trusted choice of over 60,000 businesses such as La-Z-Boy, Vivint Smart Home and Zerorez Carpet Cleaners – Podium lets you connect to your website’s traffic and take payments through messages via text.

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