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5 Mobile POS Success Stories

5 Mobile POS Success Stories

This guide provides a few examples of how small companies have relied on mobile-based systems for POS to expand and prosper.

  • Point-of-sale systems that are mobile (POS) devices are applications that can be used on mobile devices to function like a traditional POS system , but without stationary hardware.
  • A smartphone, tablet, or any other device owned by the company could serve as an mobile POS device that comes with the membership program and attachments for card readers.
  • Businesses that require transportation can profit the most from mobile POS, for example, stylists or food truck owners bustling chain stores, crafters artists, event organizers.
  • The article was written written for entrepreneurs who want to perform transactions while on the go and want to learn how mobile POS systems can benefit your business.– A conventional POS system is usually standalone and includes cash register the reader for credit cards as well as a receipt printer. Although it is the most well-known option, substituting it with mobile phones or tablets could make a huge improvement in sales and increase expansion for small-scale businesses.

In the end, according the Grand View Research, the mobile terminals market for POS is projected to increase to $42.99 billion by 2022. These POS terminals can serve as an effective business solution that can increase the profits, flexibility, and autonomy.

A few success stories from various kinds of businesses demonstrate that anyone could put their company at an advantage by using an POS that is mobile. This article will show the way that entrepreneurs like you use mobile POS systems to their advantage.

Success story no. 1. Paleo drinks company boosts its revenue.

The CompanyAmara Beverage Company. Raw fruit drinks company

Mobile Payment Here POS solution: PayPal Here mobile credit card reader

Are you willing to turn down customers who are paying? In the case of Amara Beverage Co., the only option of cash could cost as much as 20% their sales. Instead PayPal’s mobile POS allowed it to take credit card payments and boost sales. [Read the related article: 5 Methods POS Systems are evolving (and why it is important) ]

“It’s extremely difficult for a small-scale business to refuse clients who want to purchase your product due to the fact that you don’t accept credit cards,” said Greg Connolly the CEO of Amara.

After the implementation of PayPal Here, Amara increased sales by 20 percent. This Mobile POS system also allows the sale of products at any time like in gyms and CrossFit events.

“We’ve seen nothing but fantastic performance,” Connolly said. “I truly enjoy the method that has a significant impact on our financial performance.”

Success story no. 2. Restaurant chain enhances the experience of customers.


Mobile Solution for POS: BarPass mobile order system for POS

Mobile POS systems help businesses run faster and more efficient. To speed up service in the Six locations Honest Burgers adopted the BarPass mobile POS system. The most notable benefits include increased customer satisfaction, versatility of the sales channels and less pressure on staff at the restaurant.

“BarPass let customers take orders for lunch or dinner before even arriving to the eatery, which reduced wait times and decreasing the stress on waitstaff,” said Ben Larcey director of marketing for Bluebird Global, which makes BarPass. “The versatility of this system also enables customers to offer the option of taking away, something they previously were not able to offer.” [Read the article in conjunction with it: 5 Benefits of a Mobile POS in Your Restaurant [Read Related Article: 5 Reasons You Need a Mobile POS System for Your Restaurant

Success story no. 3: Niche shop regains the control of their inventory.

Business:City Beer Store brewery shop and tasting bar

Mobile POS solution: Revel Systems is an iPad POS station supplier

In contrast to traditional POS systems unlike traditional POS systems, mobile POS systems go beyond performing transactions. They also allow integration of back-end and front-end processes that result in a more efficient and streamlined report system. For companies like City Beer Store, this means that they can manage their business operations. A case study from Revel Systems reveals how its mobile POS station has helped City Beer Store take control of its inventory.

“Instead of going to the office and spending time to count inventory, the items bought are immediately withdrawn and inventory is updated in real-time,” said Patrick Donnelly ex-director of marketing for Revel Systems. Automating inventory control also results in lower costs for labor as the study showed.

“Revel is a great tool that has helped me save 5 to 10 hours each week with planning and inventory and allowing me to have the time to manage my company and make better decisions,” said Craig Wathen the proprietor City Beer Store. City Beer Store. Related content: Select one of the most effective POS solutions for your company. ]

The success story no. 4. Hardware store is now manage sales remotely and operations.

Business:American Home and Garden (Ace Hardware) Hardware and gardening products retailer

Mobile solution for POS: Epicor Mobile Manager, a mobile app that allows companies to remotely manage sales and orders

Mobile POS solution could remove the requirement to be present in the office to watch sales. Epicor Mobile Manager enables stores such as American Home and Garden to remotely monitor sales and measure the performance by using the use of a smartphone.

“At any point and at any time I can monitor the sales at the shop and determine if sales are rising or falling,” said Ryan Lindner Store supervisor of American Home and Garden. “I keep track of the items I’m offering throughout the week. On weekends, I’ll be able to look at my phone to determine whether the shop needs me to be present or if they’re doing fine by themselves.”

Epicor’s smartphone POS solution allows Lindner to handle orders from a distance. Lindner uses his phone at home to look over and approve orders, as well as to add items that are popular to the orders. “Now I am able to ensure that the orders are more precise and reflect the products we’re selling. Mobile Manager makes it much easier for me to participate more with the order process.”

The success story no. 5 selling on trade fairs and other events is easy to this shop.

Company: Ay Dios Mio, Latino heritage boutique

Mobile Payment Here POS solution:PayPal Here mobile credit card reader

One of the most significant advantages of a mobile-based POS system is in its name: it’s mobile. It’s not only about that you can conduct sales from any location inside a store, but anyplace you have the internet. Ay Dios Mio can attribute some of its success to its mobile POS systemthat operates in both its retail store in its location at the San Pedro Square Market in San Jose, California, as well as at street festivals and trade exhibitions.

“I utilize PayPal mobile for my events and also sell CasaQ products at trade shows for wholesale as well as online,” said Ay Dios Mio shop owner Rose Mendoza. “It is easy to make use of mobile devices since you don’t have to rely on hookups , and you don’t have to pay for electricity at trade exhibitions.”

As compared to the traditional POS system and a traditional POS system, this portable POS method has made managing the business much more simple and more efficient for Mendoza and her team.

“We can bill customers right on the spot instead of returning to the office and processing the cards, monitor the sales for each item and then immediately issue customers with an invoice,” she said. “It’s as secure as having cash on hand and susceptible to being scammed and so on.”

The benefits of a mobile POS system

The success stories listed above each described a particular mobile POS solution that business owners can buy on the market. But other mobile POS systems are also available too. Find for mobile POS systems and discover the various options available on the market. If you’re struggling to choose the right one check out the tutorial on POS system.

The costs vary for each product available. Hardware is one of the costs however, if you own tablets and phones which you can utilize with the system, you’ll cut out the cost. Mobile POS software can be purchased with a monthly payment in the majority of instances. Sometimes, software is completely available for free, with the possibility of paying for extras.

Processing of credit card payments charges vary , but they are applicable whenever there is the need for a transaction. Online and in-person transactions may have different costs for processing. Mobile POS systems could include quote-based pricing as well as contractual arrangements, based on the business.

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