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How to Get Your Product Into Celebrity Hands

How to Get Your Product Into Celebrity Hands

If you aren’t able to afford the expense of an agent, you can methods to sell your products to the attention of celebrities.

  • Many famous people have access to the market that you’re hoping to connect with.
  • The presence of a celebrity to promote your product is an excellent method to promote your brand.
  • This can increase your sales as well as boost your name.
  • This post is intended for entrepreneurs who want endorsements from celebrities and influential people of their goods.– The movie studios aren’t all the firms that can benefit from a boost in sales following the Oscars. Companies of all kinds benefit from the recognition and fame that celebrities as well as influencers give through their use or appearance with specific products. It’s not as difficult as you imagine to get your products in the hands of the famous. You’ll need to know how to begin.

“Consumers have been proven to be influenced by the fashions of famous people, and they will adopt within their lives the items that the celebrities they admire and adore use,” said Stacy Jones the director of Hollywood Branded, marketing group to the celebrities. “A person who is associated with your brand gives you to have a brand presence that will increase sales and will definitely boost recognition for your business.”

It can be a major step towards getting consumers to purchase your product, however, getting exposure can be difficult.

How do you get your product to the attention of celebrities

1. Create a clearly defined agenda.

To defeat the odds and overcome obstacles, Jones, who specializes in bringing products to famous people and business owners, suggests having clearly defined goals when approaching famous people.

“The first thing to determine is what you would like to get from sending a celebrity their product” She said. “If you send the product you’ve created to celeb there is a good chance that they won’t see the product – and their assistant or other’s assistant will have the product at their home instead. Be realistic regarding what you expect to gain through the gift from your brand. You might think that you have the most desirable on the market, but although it could be however, the gifted celebrity may not agree with you.”

2. Determine your budget.

In order to get your product in the hands of famous people You’ll usually need to provide them at no cost. Together with your team, decide how many items you’re willing to send out at no cost and how it fits within the overall advertising budget. No matter what the outcome be sure to stick with a figure that you’re comfortable with, unless absolute necessity to increase it.

3. Know your target audience.

In determining the celebrities and influencers you can contact take note of which have a following like your ideal customer. If you’re marketing your products to teens or younger age groups contact the most popular social media stars. If you’re trying to appeal to young men, consider reaching out to athletes. If you’re trying to target older groups look at stars that have been in the business for a long time and maintained their popularity. Look for celebrities that can help you reach your reach instead of merely sending out items.

4. Contact us directly.

While many celebrities appear easily reachable via online communication, finding out the most effective method of contacting them directly can be a problem. For some most effective method of contact could be through their representative; for others, an message or email on social media sites is the best option. Conduct some research prior to when you begin sending out messages to figure out which method has the greatest chance of success.

5. Partner with an agency.

As per Jones, the most effective way to position your company to make use of the celebrity status is to partner with a talent company that has contacts with famous people. This could help promote your company in a variety of ways, such as the possibility of having a celebrity Tweet about the product, or organizing a launch party at which your product is viewed by celebrities.

Examples of celebrity endorsements that have been successful

Oscar swag bag

The makeup shop in Pennsylvania Kiss and Makeup had already expanded beyond one store during its brief two-year existence however, no one could have prepared the business for the rapid growth it would see in the wake of just one call.

“I received a call from a lady who I assumed was saying all of this stuff,” said Lisa Di Caprio cofounder of Kiss and Makeup and the cosmetics line Darci by Di Caprio. “So I didn’t really think anything about it until I got a call back. I was asked if I’d be interested in participating as one of the 40 products in the Oscars bags of swag. When she asked me that question I asked her, “Who are you? Could you give me some references I asked her to provide some references. She did , and I looked it up and then I threw it out to the flooring.”

The phone call came by a representative of marketing from Distinctive Assets, the company that is responsible for creating gift bags for awards shows like The Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards and Oscar celebrations. The story of Di Caprio and partner Darci Henry, the process by which they got their names discovered by Distinctive Assets in the first place is more impressive.

“Luckily we have a few excellent schools in Philly which we were able to obtain some interns,” Di Caprio said. “My creative designer was able to have press releases distributed by the interns which I would then approve and to distribute. We were discovered by a person who was not aware of us by someone who had spotted our profile via PRWeb.”

With that inventiveness they shipped 30 gift bags, which were part of the 2014 “Everybody is a winner in the Oscars” gift bags that were presented to the runners-up in five main categories including Best Director Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor and the Best Supporting actress.

Di Caprio and Henry didn’t need to wait until the Oscars to enjoy the benefits of being in the bag of gifts. Participating in the bag was just several thousand dollars however, the exposure was priceless.

“We were aware of this as an opportunity that might never be repeated,” Di Caprio said. “It was fate knocking at our door. We’ve had a significant rise in the local media’s attention including radio, TV, and print. We also saw the benefit of an increased number of sales not just for our brush cleaner, but also in every aspect of sales for cosmetics. We also experienced a variety of networking opportunities that we might not have otherwise had in addition to an abundance of locally-based Philly proudness.”

Famous children

While certain companies go out of their way to offer products to the wealthy and famous, some get lucky. That’s the case with Marcus Woolcott and Claire Theobald who own the New York boutique Beatrix. The premium bags, bottles of water, and lunchboxes designed by the couple are worn by many famous celebrity moms such as Katie Holmes, Halle Berry, Meg Ryan and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

“The first celebrity we had a knowledge of who utilized the products we offer is Marcia Cross when we were not yet Dante Beatrix [and] when Desperate Housewives was at its height,” Theobald said. “She was photographed wearing an infant diaper bag, and it was a coincidence. It was the only occasion we had sent out items to famous people, however she was spotted with another one of our bags which we didn’t mail her. This was the first and the last time we sent our items to celebrities.”

When Cross was seen carrying an Daante Beatrix baby bag Liv Tyler was the first celebrity to be seen with the Beatrix New York product. While the company doesn’t offer products to celebrities, the support of famous people has allowed the small company that has just three employees, experience astonishing growth over the past few years.

“For us, it’s not as if Halle Berry was seen with our monkey lunchbox , and the next day, 10,000 orders were placed,” Theobald said. “It took a steady progression in the course of the period of.”

Presently, Beatrix products are featured in shops in thirty states and 32 countries all over the world. Theobald and Woolcott suspect that the growth of the brand’s presence to these stores, including many of the retailers in Hollywood which is why the brand is now a favourite of many celeb mothers.

The growth has not just come in the US, however. In the coming year, Beatrix New York’s international sales are predicted to be 40% – 50% of total sales According to Theobald. The reason for this increase isn’t a surprise for all business colleagues.

“It is extremely helpful for us to have celebrities give us their support,” Woolcott said. “There wasn’t a surge in sales, however I believe it’s become an evidence point. Buyers in the United States and buyers overseas America are seeking an indication of confidence in a company as well as when they see a celeb who can purchase everything they want with an item and think it must be both good and stylish, particularly since they are fashion-conscious.”

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