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After the Interview: Sample Thank-You Letters

After the Interview Sample Thank-You Letters

You did a great interview. Now what? You can send a thank you note like this.

  • Thank-you letters can make you stand out from the rest and show your interest in the position and organization.
  • Thank-you letters should express appreciation, show interest, and include something unique.
  • You have two options for thanking you letters: e-mail or handwritten. But it is important to consider which option works best for your job.
  • This article was written for job seekers looking to make a good impression at interviews.– The hiring process is moving towards automation and speed. Taking the time to write a thank you letter will help you stand out and humanize your application. You can reiterate your qualifications and add a personal touch to your thank-you letter.

Business News Daily: Rebecca Kiki Weingarten, career coach and co-founder, RWR Network, stated that sending a personal thank-you note to someone is a great way to show your appreciation. It makes a significant impact in today’s high-tech world.

These two words, “Thank you”, could land you the job.

Why is it important to send thank-you notes?

It is important to send thank-you notes for many reasons. It is good business manner to send thank-you notes. You can also send thank-you notes to accomplish the following.

These help you stand out.

Send a thank-you email within 24 hours of your interview to ensure that you are still fresh in the interviewer’s mind. The email should be no longer than two to three paragraphs long and refer to specific points from the conversation.

Matt Ross, the CEO and co-owner at Slumber Yard, recalls a candidate who was willing to go the extra mile by mentioning their personal details in an interview.

Ross stated that he briefly spoke to my hometown but that Ross was amazed by the fact that the candidate remembered my hometown. He also found a way for Ross to include it in his follow up. He said that his brother was passing through my town, so he told him to get a cake at a local bakery. He was not only a good listener, but he also showed me that he was willing and able to do research. It left me with a good taste in my mouth (pun intended).

They showcase business etiquette.

Jodi R. Smith, author and president, Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting says that sending a note can show you are familiar with proper business etiquette. This includes standing when a client enters a room, not chewing gum infront of the CEO and holding doors open for other clients, arriving on time to meetings and dressing appropriately.

They show your interest in the organization and the role.

Thank you notes are a great way of expressing appreciation for the job and organization.

Smith stated that “First, it’s a basic appreciation for the time spent with you by the interviewer.” It is also a signal to the interviewer you have higher-level interpersonal skills. The thank-you note also shows your continued interest in the company and the job posting.

Failure to follow up can give the impression that you aren’t interested enough in reaching out to others.

What should you include in a thank you letter?

Keep thank-you letters short, concise, and no more than four paragraphs. Amanda Augustine, a TopInterview and TopResume career advice expert, advised against rehashing your entire resume in your thank you note. This is because the interviewer will have already read it and had a discussion with you about it during the interview. It is acceptable to give a brief summary of your qualifications. [Related to Interview Skills that Will Get You Hired]

These are some details every thank you letter should include:

  • Contact information. Provide your contact information and the contact information for the person to whom you are writing. It is also a good idea to include the date.
  • Salutation. Salutation.
  • Appreciation. Thank you.
  • Unique. You should remind them about something they talked to you about during the interview. It might have been something they didn’t discuss with other candidates. This will help you remember who you are and show that you listen.
  • Qualifications. You must confirm that you are a good match for the job.
  • Expression of gratitude. End with a final expression or gratitude such as “Best” and “Sincerely.”
  • Signature. If you’re emailing a thank you letter, you can use a typed sign but handwritten signatures are always preferred.

Your thank-you note should be customized, just like your resume and letter. It should be double- and triple-checked for spelling and grammar errors. An unprofessional follow-up could easily ruin your stellar interview impression. Send one note to each person if you have met multiple people.

Thank-you letter samples

Here are some templates to help you write a thank you letter after an interview. Make sure you personalize each letter that you send. Don’t copy and paste the same generic letter. These mistakes will be noticed by recruiters and won’t help you. To avoid making a bad impression, review after interview.

Which is the best way to send a thank you note?

The person you are contacting and the way they want to be acknowledged will determine which method is best. Some companies prefer to communicate digitally (e.g. email), while others value the originality of handwritten notes.

Thank-you cards that can be emailed

Augustine stated that email is the best way to send a thank-you note after an interview “because it’s immediate and allows you to attach materials or link to more information that will help them advance to the next round.”

Augustine advised that it was important to get to know the culture and decide which method they prefer. Email is the best method to interview at a startup tech company or to see how the company uses technology.

Keep an eye on your email after you have sent your email. If you don’t get a response immediately, it is normal for companies to take their time reviewing applications. Send a polite follow up to inquire if progress has been made in making a decision.

Don’t use this opportunity to spam the hiring manager’s email inbox. You should only send two follow-up emails. If you don’t get a response, consider it a rejection.

Thank-you notes handwritten

If the company is more traditional and old-fashioned, you might be able to get a handwritten letter mailed to them.

Rachel Sutherland Communications CEO, said that handwritten notes are her preference. “Everyone loves receiving mail, even if it’s not what you expected,” said Rachel Sutherland, CEO of Rachel Sutherland Communications. Although it’s funny to consider snail mail special, in this instance, it works.

Handwritten notes can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the time of the hiring process. Smith suggested that you should write the thank-you note quickly if you know that they will make their decision within the next day. Smith suggested that you leave a thank-you note in your lobby and ask the receptionist to deliver it. Learn how companies approach their hiring process, and how they manage contact management. ]

Is it possible to send a thank you note?

If the note is written well, it can.

Smith stated that there are occasions when the candidate experiences a bad first round. This is usually because of nerves. “But they took time to write a thoughtful and sincere note explaining why they are interested in the job and how their experiences make them unique qualified.

Smith also noted that there are other times when in-person interviews are conducted via phone screens. Those who send a thank you note are automatically invited back to interview in person. Sutherland had a similar experience.

Sutherland stated that he received his college internship at The Detroit News because he wrote a thank you note. How do I know this? “How do I know?” One day, in the newsroom that summer the editor said to me that I was the only person who had written a thank you.

Augustine pointed out that while thanking someone for their time doesn’t increase your chances at getting the job, it can reduce your chances of being offered a job.

She said that while not all recruiters or hiring managers care if a candidate sends thank-you messages, she noted that she has never heard of any one in any industry think badly of candidates for sending thank-you notes.

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