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ShopKeep vs. Square

ShopKeep vs. Square

This comparison guide compares ShopKeep and Square. It includes pricing, features, and customer service.

  • ShopKeep and Square are two top point of sale (POS) systems that support small businesses.
  • Square and ShopKeep offer different pricing plans and features. Knowing which one is right for you is crucial to building a lasting relationship.
  • This page compares Square and ShopKeep. It includes pricing information, features, and tips on how to choose the right POS system for you business.
  • This article was written for business owners who are considering Square or ShopKeep as their POS system.– Online businesses must be able to process and accept customer payments. Brick-and-mortar business also require POS terminals to process customer payments as well as software to receive inventory changes and accept payments .

These services can be obtained from payment service providers like ShopKeep and Square. Different payment service providers have different benefits, so it can be difficult to determine which payment processing service is right for you.

This article will compare ShopKeep vs. Square POS apps.

ShopKeep vs. Square

These products are very similar, as shown in our ShopKeep POS review and Square POS reviews. There are some key differences between them. This is a comparison of the two services.

Similarities between Square and ShopKeep

  • Square and ShopKeep offer high-quality hardware such as POS terminals or card readers.
  • ShopKeep and Square both offer reasonable payment processing rates.
  • Both services are capable of processing chip card, magstripe, and contactless card payments.
  • ShopKeep and Square offer additional tools for employees, such as inventory management and timekeeping.
  • Both can be integrated with certain third-party applications (although Square is able to integrate with many more than ShopKeep).

There are differences between Square and ShopKeep

  • Square’s POS software can only be used with the company’s proprietary register or an iPad. ShopKeep software is compatible with Clover terminals and iPads.
  • Square only offers flat payment processing rates, while ShopKeep offers interchange-plus and flat-rate pricing depending on where your customers are located.
  • ShopKeep provides 24/7 support while Square offers a limited number of customer service channels during regular business hours.
  • ShopKeep gives you additional options when it comes to payment processors. Square requires that you use its payment processing service in conjunction with Square POS terminals or software.
  • Square also offers website building as an additional feature.

ShopKeep: For whom do we recommend it?

ShopKeep provides hardware, POS software and payment processing services. All of ShopKeep’s offerings can be run from the cloud, although the hardware must be installed locally. This means that you can store data on your POS device, and sync it with your cloud server so you can access it from any device connected to the internet. ShopKeep is a great option for both brick-and-mortar businesses and online ones.

ShopKeep Payments can accept EMV card, magstripe, and contactless credit card payments. ShopKeep will accept payment processing services that you already have. ShopKeep will grant you a dedicated merchant card if you do not have one.

ShopKeep can be used on iPad and iOS devices. However, it can also work with third-party POS hardware. ShopKeep’s tools allow you to manage multiple stores at once, market your products and manage your employees.

ShopKeep’s key features

  • Free POS App
  • Available terminals and card readers
  • Back-office tools and dashboard to manage inventory and customer relationships
  • Cloud-based POS software

Square: For whom do we recommend it?

Square is a payment processor for small and medium-sized businesses. Square, like ShopKeep, is cloud-based. All business information can be stored on remote servers, and transferred to POS devices via the cloud.

You will need to use Square as your credit-card payment processor. ShopKeep allows you to mix and match. Square is designed to run primarily on iPads . It also offers a few POS hardware options:

  • Square Register countertop POS terminal costs $799 and comes with a fully functional credit card reader.
  • Square Terminal is a handheld POS system that costs $299.

The POS software can be downloaded for free. However, you can purchase a paid version if you require more customization.

Square’s key features

  • Cloud-based POS software
  • Available terminals and card readers
  • Free POS App
  • Website builder
  • Dashboards and tools for business management

Comparisons of product and service

Are you unsure which service to choose Let’s look at ShopKeep to Square from several perspectives.


  • ShopKeep: ShopKeep offers a free Starter Plan that includes a single active account. One employee can manage this account from one location. If you have one register in your brick-and mortar business, the Starter plan is ideal. However, it may not be the best option if multiple terminals need to be running simultaneously. ShopKeep offers three paid plans to its POS software. The Basic plan costs $49 per month and offers a few tools and features. The Essential plan costs $79 per month and includes custom permission controls as well as online orders. The Advanced plan is $199 per monthly and offers e-commerce capabilities.
  • square: square offers four plans that allow you to create an online shop. If you are looking to create a website and sell products online, the first plan is absolutely free. The Professional plan is $12 per month. The Professional plan includes password-protected pages, custom domains, as well as Square ads being removed from the website. The Performance plan costs $26 per month, and includes PayPal purchase functionality as well as useful e-commerce tools such abandoned cart reminders. Square’s Premium plan is $72 per month, and offers a lower processing fee per purchase. You can also get discounted shipping and real time shipping information for your customers with the Premium plan.
  • Winner: square wins this category because it has more paid plans and offers more distinct features than ShopKeep. ShopKeep’s plans cost more per dollar than Square’s.


  • ShopKeep: ShopKeep provides reasonable flat rates for credit cards processing. For most transactions, you’ll pay 2.5% plus 10 cents. You’ll be charged 3.5% for all card-not present transactions, including when the customer reads their card number via phone. ShopKeep has a lightning-connected magstripe reader and a Bluetooth enabled terminal for $329.
  • Square:Square charges 2.6% plus ten cents for in-person transactions and 2.9% plus thirty cents for digital transactions. Square offers a discount on some fees if you use their in-house POS software. The service also offers a $49 contactless payment reader that works with chip cards. Sign up to receive a magstripe card reader free of charge.
  • Winner:ShopKeep is the overall winner, but only barely. If you are looking for something simple and affordable, Square’s basic card reader might be the best choice. ShopKeep has lower long-term transaction fees on a per-purchase basis.


  • ShopKeep:ShopKeep has many great features. It starts with a wide range of web dashboard controls. These controls allow you to monitor the functions of your POS system from either back-office terminals, or directly from the POS devices. ShopKeep’s control dashboard provides controls for item tracking, raw material tracking, and variable pricing. These features are more than Square. These features can be limited by ShopKeep’s free plans, which only one user can use at a time.
  • Square: square offers a dedicated dashboard to allow you to manage all aspects of your POS system. However, it is not as flexible as ShopKeep unless a dedicated POS plan is purchased. All Square plans come with dashboard controls for inventory tracking and variable pricing points. However, you won’t find any controls for functions such as profitability reporting or raw goods and bundling.
  • Winner: ShopKeep. However, Square might be a better option if you own a restaurant or retail store and need more customization options.

Use it quickly

  • ShopKeep: ShopKeep makes it easy to launch your online store. It doesn’t automatically populate merchandise when you add a new item to your inventory. This means that it will take some time before the software runs as smoothly as Square back-office or POS dashboard systems.
  • Square:The streamlined interface of Square’s POS system makes it very simple to use. It is simple to use Square from start to finish, regardless of whether you are building a website or running an online shop.
  • Winner: square, but both merchant services can be used easily.


  • ShopKeep does not integrate with Mailchimp or QuickBooks. Online store owners may have to rely on many third-party apps to manage their business. This is a problem. This may help streamline your business operations, especially if ShopKeep offers in-house addons that include online ordering, loyalty programs, and ecommerce support. These add-ons can only be purchased if you choose one of the paid plans.
  • square:square integrates with many third-party solutions and applications, particularly those that are designed for restaurant management or healthcare. The integrations are constantly updated.
  • Winner:Square offers greater integration flexibility and accessibility.


  • ShopKeep: ShopKeep is a great company for customer support. ShopKeep offers 24/7 customer support through a variety of communication channels, including phone support, email support, and a self-service knowledgebase. ShopKeep’s customer service is generally well-received.
  • Square offers limited customer support compared to ShopKeep. All merchants have 24/7 access to phone and email support. They are available during normal business hours. To find a customer code or open a ticket with customer service, you will need to log into your Square account.
  • Winner: ShopKeep it, because it’s easier for you to contact a customer service representative.

Self-service for employees

  • ShopKeep – ShopKeep provides many self-service tools for employees, such as inventory management, time reporting and employee attendance and time tracking.
  • SquareSquare offers basic self-service tools for employee management, such as free timekeeping. If you choose to upgrade to Team Management Plus, one of Square’s add ons, you will have access unlimited permission sets and additional tools. Square for Retail includes this add-on at no additional cost.
  • Winner: This tie is possible because both payment services offer self-service for employees and time management controls to users.

Additional services

  • ShopKeep: Although ShopKeep does not offer the same services as Square, it does provide in-depth inventory tools as well as management tools for businesses with multiple sites. If you need to operate POS software remotely, you can set up a virtual terminal.
  • Square: square’s most distinctive feature is the ability for you to create an online shop. Existing online shops can be enhanced with checkout options, payment links, and virtual terminals.
  • Winner:Square. ShopKeep does not offer additional features such as website building.

ShopKeep vs. square recap

ShopKeep and Square both offer free mobile POS apps, and sell a variety payment processing services. This includes hardware for retail POS, payment processing, back-office and inventory management tools.

ShopKeep is the best choice if you:

  • You own a small or medium-sized retail or food business, such as a vendor or food service business.
  • Software that is customizable to your business needs will be a must.
  • There are many POS hardware options.
  • A merchant account is required for payment processing services.

Square is the best choice if you:

  • A low-cost POS service is what you need.
  • You own a restaurant or retail store.
  • You need a fully-featured POS terminal that has all the bells, whistles, and functions.
  • It is important to know how to create a website.


Is ShopKeep charged a monthly subscription?

ShopKeep charges a monthly fee for any of its paid plans. These fees start at $49 a month. These plans include a free POS application, just like Square.

Is ShopKeep expensive?

ShopKeep isn’t as expensive than other payment services and POS providers. ShopKeep is a bit more affordable than Square when you buy per-purchase.

Is Square POS free?

The Square POS app can be downloaded for free. You will need to pay for a subscription if you want to access the full functionality and tools of this app.

Square is a superior POS system than Square.

It all depends on what you need. ShopKeep is a good choice if you are looking for a cheaper option or additional back-office tools.

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